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Not Bad. Not Bad at All.

A Review On: RHA SA950i

RHA SA950i

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Pros: Great sound for the price, lightweight and comfortable, remote/mic.

Cons: On-ear fit may be problematic for some.

*Disclaimer!: I've spent the last month with several top-tier headphones and iems, most of which are priced over $1,000. This review may come off as somewhat unenthusiastic as a result, but bear in mind that I think this is a fantastic product, and RHA has achieved a great price point with the SA950i. Let's begin...




The SA950i is an interesting proposition. Here we have a portable on ear headphone with the typical consumer-oriented sound signature, but it manages to give good to great SQ at a low-hanging fruit price. As with most consumer phones, bass is the most emphasized portion of the spectrum, but it never really sounds out of place when on the go. It has very solid impact without much bloat, and it extends low enough to deliver a nice visceral feel to that region. I detect a fair bit of bass bleed, which contributes to the overall warm sound signature.


The mids, while warm, retain excellent clarity. Guitar strums are clearly distinguishable, vocals have good weight and are always intelligible, and other midrange dependent instruments never quite feel lacking. Detail is nice as well for such a signature.


The treble is what you'd expect from such a signature...smooth, yet well enough extended and detailed. It's the perfect compliment to the mids and bass.


Overall I see the SA950 becoming my go-to phone for noisier environments and trips, thanks to the elevated bass. I really can't find any faults here...it's rich, refined, and possesses a large enough soundstage that never lets sound cues feel come off as if they're stepping on each other's toes.


One thing I notice about the 950 is that there a bit of reverb to the sound, maybe due to the housing. It's not particularly bothersome, but it's noticeable if you pay attention.


I'll be adding more to this review as I gain more experience with the phone.


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