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RHA MA750i Reviews

Positive Reviews


Forget the SE215 , The MA750i overthrows it .


Pros: Built Quality , Audio Quality , Bang For Buck , Extra Eartips , Stainless Steel , 3 year warranty .

Cons: mandatory burn in required

My last review was the IE800 + iFi iDSD Micro , which i really thought i wouldn't be writing another review of audio products as i sold both of them away due to my enlistment into the Singapore National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces , "Army" as some would call it .  Well , here i am again as i am allowed to bring these into camp !  Alright , after selling the insanely top notch bundle , i decided to settle for something a little affordable which covers my 2 years in this journey here , where i require them to be durable too . Then i stumble upon them , the MA750i , which meets most of my needs , High quality built , excellent audio quality for the price , 2 sets of...
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A Great Pair of IEM's that Should Outlast You


Pros: Soundstage, detailing, clean bass, separation, comfort once you get used to it, accessories, build quality, customer support.

Cons: Bad recordings don't sound great, comfort in the beginning, some QC in regards to package cleanliness.

This is my first review on Head-Fi, so forgive me for my trip ups and lack of jargon, as I simply do not have the knowledge or experience to accurately describe everything I hear and feel. That being said, I deliberated over my purchase of these IEM's for quite a while. For a few months, I had a toss-up between the GR07 BE, Sennheiser CX985, Rock-It R50 and RHA MA-750i. Any one of these purchases would be my 'step' into new territory: triple-digits audio gear. Before I go any further, I'll describe my previous collection, to provide a little context to the rest of the review. Almost 2 years ago, I was running a pair of MH1's, which I bought when my original Sony Ericsson IEM's were...
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Sonorous and Stylish: my consumer-oriented review


Pros: Tight bass. detailed and warm midrange, crispy and clear treble, wonderful design, excellent build quality, good comfort with a plenty of ear tips

Cons: Lacks a little bit of refinement compared to higher end models, treble can be a bit overbearing, depending on source material, tangly cable

Disclaimer: The kind folks over at RHA provided me a sample of this unit. This, however, will not impact the opinions or the verdict in any way. Shots from the official RHA website.     About me: I am a young music-lover and former music producer from a little place called Bergen, Norway. My belief is that good sound should be accessible for everyone and anyone, which is why this review is not written from an audiophile perspective. As for my sound preferences, I tend to go back and forth between a v-shaped sound and a somewhat bassy one, with a slight roll-off in the highs, depending on source material. Warm, lively, exciting, powerful and impactful are all appropriate...
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Negative Reviews


Very poor sound, very expensive , Don't ever buy those


Pros: aluminium design Made in Europe nice packaging

Cons: averything is wrong sound balance is no bass plenty of harsh treble

This is the worse purchase i did in audio ever. RHA should be ashamed releasing such a poor quality product. And the audio press should be ashamed not to mention this is well below average ... I think I will not even give it away just throw in the WC where it should never have come out. Doesn't deserve to say more. And do not hope that anything can better it. no tweaks , no burn-in, no hope. ABSOLUTE ZERO



Pros: Solid Build Quality. amazing choice of tips. long cable.

Cons: sound on iphone is terrible.

I bought these on the recommendation of the many reviews on this site and amazon. I purchased it in the apple store and have owned them now for almost 2 years.And frankly am disappointed. Myhouse growing up was an audiophile's dream. MAny rooms with very high end systems. My Folks are audiophiles, I appreciate good sound but live in an old appartment and can't enjoy.  Davis and BW speakers are my favourite. I like sound that is rich. And these headphones sound awful on the iphone. They do sound a little better on my microsoft surface which is of a higher resistance and power.  This is going to shock a few headfiers, but honestly the $35 apple earpod's sound KILL these. Like...
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Exceptional IEM with bad low highs


Pros: Build quality, comfort with sony tips, bass clarity, rich sound, great soundstage

Cons: low highs are harsh - makes a lot of music unplesant

So everything with this IEM is just perfect except the low highs. For me, it is so harsh, like a very cheap IEM. I'm very sensitive about this. I listen classical, jazz, chill out, breakbeat, progressive house. It is pretty hard to find IEMs which satisfying my needs. I need exceptional bass quality, warm sound signature, great soundstage. Unfortunately this is not like this. Even the t10i has this problem with the highs, but a little better.   After few hours of listening, it became a little better, but I decided to send it back. (I also tried later in a shop with a more used one, but it is the same annoying low highs) Instead, I bought a Yamaha eph-100, which doesn't as good...
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More Reviews


Excellent build quality, mediocre sound quality


Pros: Build quality

Cons: dark sounding, lacks detail in the midrange

Build quality is great and they're so much more comfortable than my GR07s.  I really wanted to like them, but I just couldn't get them dialed in.  Even heavily EQing the bass and treble down, the mids still sounded recessed and lacked detail.  The thumpy bass is nice, but the novelty wore off quickly.  I work in the audio industry and I understand a lot of people like a "hot" top end with a fat bottom end - if that's you, then these would be a great headphone for you.  If you're looking for flat response, with detailed mids, then I have to say give something else a try.  I think these would also benefit greatly from an amp if you're considering...
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Flawless Victory!


Pros: Unbeatable Build Quality, Beautiful Design, Comfort, Isolation, Instruments, Imaging, Timbre and overall Sound Singature

Cons: Cable might not be so friendly for some

Full review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/748220/review-rha-ma750-flawless-victory     Sound:   The overall signature is of a very, very wide U-shaped form, with equal and excellent extension on both ends. The bass is very special and takes a really different form than the MA350, RHA entry-fi previous model, and many other mid-fi earphones that the MA750 compete against. Instead of focusing on a strong and thick mid-bass centered low-end, the MA750 offer a flatter response at the mid-bass section. It's still rather strong as dynamic drivers can get, but doesn't show a certain lift or peak. On the other hand, what the MA750 really have is an impressive sub-bass...
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A Classy Looking IEM With Sound to Match


Pros: Great bass, nice accessory set

Cons: Slight treble harshness with stock tips

First off, I would like to thank RHA for providing @C.C.S.. and I with review sets. I would also like to thank C.C.S. for nominating me for the review sample.   Gear used for review: PC → Project H (Custom Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC and O2 with OPA2134 opamps) iPod Classic → Silver LOD → Fiio E07k Galaxy Nexus Nexus 4   Inside the box: The box looks very nice and professional overall:         Inside the box, you get a great set of accessories. There are six sets of single flange silicone tips and three sets of bi-flange tips, all included on a nifty metal card that helps you keep track of all the tips:       There is also a...
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Peter Zhang

There won't be regrets in buying these.


Pros: Great isolation, comfortable warm sound, solid build, premium feel, fantastic service.

Cons: Metal body might take time to get used to (not really a con)

First of all, fantastic sound. Not necessarily *non-biased*, but possesses smooth highs, fantastically defined mids, and rich, powerful, yet completely not overwhelming bass. I accidentally broke my pair(which is completely my fault) and I sent them an email about it, and they sent me a replacement that is brand new. If you're new to hifi, and want a pair of versatile in-ears, these are definitely not letting you down.

Luxury IEMs in a budget along with great aesthetics and sonic capabilities...!!


Pros: Great soundstage,Isolation,Build quality,Detailed and lush sound

Cons: Slightly heavy,Stock tips,Lacks details in mids

Preamble: RHA is a Scottish brand that has been around for a few years.The MA750s that I'm reviewing today has been bought by me for around 120$.I'm in no way affiliated to RHA,I just want to share my honest opinion.Here's the official website for this IEM - https://www.rha-audio.com/sg/headphones/ma750.html   About me: I'm a bachelor.Honestly I don't know much about the sonic technicalities though I can distinguish between different frequencies.I rely on my ears.This whole head-fi thing is new to me(and growing).I prefer rock,country and indie pop.I like neutral to warmish sound.I'm a newbie so I'd request you to consider other reviews as well.  ...
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A Refined Sound With a Refined Build to Match


Pros: Excelent build quality, relatively flat sound signature, spacious sound stage

Cons: Cable has too much body, mild plastic color distortion, can be finicky to get the right fit

  It’s not often I have the absolute pleasure of listening to headphones such as the MA750i. It’s been more than a year since I’ve gotten my Macaw GT100s, and several months since I’ve lost them. I’ve yearned for a sound similar to them, and the MA750i delivers in a spectacular way. Not only are the MA750i more comfortable and lighter than the GT100s, they also sound much, much better, while retaining a similar overall sound signature. I have a thing for British headphone makers, as the Brits have something special in store for me every time I check back with them. RHA is no exception. However, unlike the rest of the crowd, RHA puts a tremendous focus on the engineering...
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Plain amazing


Pros: Great bass, Clarity, Present highs, 3 YEARS WARRANTY

Cons: No swappable cable, the case looks a bit cheap?

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!    I write reviews only when I'm blown away with a product and this one is one of them. I tried the higher end model, T20i and I absolutely hated it. I thought I'd never buy RHA products again but I did. The 750i pair that I have got sound simply amazing.   The sound is a signature dynamic driver sound. It's not a very bassy headphone. Even if you consider it bassy, the bass does not bleed into mid or highs so the overall sonic signature is very clear. The treble is there and is not annoying at all (like the IE800s that I had). It's sparkly, fun and gives a sense of air to the sound. They are very comfortable to use as they are over ear. I find the...
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The RHA MA750i is worth the effort to get the fit right.


Pros: Build quality.Attention to detail.Aesthetics.Accessories.Sound balance.Price.

Cons: Deeper tip insertion required.Audio control buttons need to be more responsive.Case should be rigid.

I had to finally put my Shure E4Cs to rest and have been on the search for months to find a replacement.   I like sub bass and a balanced sound and value build quality. My Shures were built tough but they lacked top end and a little weak on bass. They also had no player control or mic.   I've never had to deeply insert tips with headphones due to the shape of my ear canals so when I got the MA750's I took the same approach.   I went through the range of tips 4 or 5 times trying to find a set that would work. None did - I got the typical issues caused by lack of fit.   No bass and lots of uncontrolled highs - really unpleasant.   I was ready to send them...
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Awesome IEM! Best for the price IMO


Pros: Bass is just right, great clarity, comfortable fit, media buttons work well, attractive design, excellent build quality, good tip selection,

Cons: Comply foam tips not included, upper mids a bit lacking,

Recently went about trying to find myself an IEM that I liked the sound of and tested out both the Shure SE215 & sennheiser momentum in ear before getting the RHA's. IMO the momentum was too bass heavy, the shure sounded quite good but doesnt look as nice, is more difficult to put on, less comfortable, and can be more sibilant when you push it to higher volumes. The RHA's are exactly what I wanted in an IEM and sound fairly balanced with a bit of a lean towards the bassy end of the scale depending on your choice of ear tip.    The slight increase in price of these over the 215's is worth it in my eyes because of the shures downfalls I listed above. If you are looking for...
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Bad Wolf

Unbeatable build, fantastic sound.


Pros: Build quality is astonishing. Tons of accessories. Great warm sound. Overall clarity. Bass Extension.

Cons: Mid-bass\low-mid detail. Cable may be cumbersome.

Gosh, I love these headphones. I bought them after my Xiaomi Piston 2.0 broke, and I have to say, these are a considerable improvement in every department. Now let's get to the review :D   Build Quality - The feeling you get when you hold these and gaze upon their majesty is something to behold. The stainless steel construction makes these super heavy. These things just look so elegant. Another review called these the Aston Martin of IEM's, and I wholeheartedly agree. From the jack all the way to the buds, all they do is scream quality. Bravo to the designers over at RHA. 5/5   Accessories - Oh boy, you get a lot of them. First up is the case. I'm not sure if it's...
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