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A Review On: RHA MA750i Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphone

RHA MA750i Noise Isolating Premium In-Ear Headphone

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Pros: Build, package, accessories

Cons: What????

I´m not good to write something about audio stuffs and to write in english but i hope that my experience helps somebody.

For health problems with my ears, i sold all my headphone stuffs.

in my headphone experience history, i had some good amplifiers like Little-Dot MKVI and a unique and massive balanced beta-22.

I had some headphones like Grado HP-2, Sennheiser HD-800, AKG K-1000, Beyerdynamic T1, Ultrasone Edition 10, Audeze LCD-2, Hifiman He-500 and He-6, etc. etc. etc.

And i tried the famous Stax 009

Why the RHA 750i?

In first place, to use when i drive with my iphone 4s.

perfect for this use.

and, of course, to listen music.

i have in my Iphone Radio Tuna and Spotify.

Therefore a lot of music...for free!!!

Honestly, i will not describe the high, the mids and low frequencies; the separation of instruments, the headstage, etc. etc. etc.

It´s a 100€ headphone amplified by an Iphone and without hi-res music.

Well....I´m really happy with the result.

The headphone is fairly balanced with a powerful bass response.

No metallic high frequencies.

I don´t know the result with a dedicated amp/dac like the fiio alpen that i had.

But the headphone returs very well the original sound message.

In my opinion is a best dela considering the price and performances.

and RHA is an european builder.

In the middle of chinese and us products, it´s a good thing.




Damn, you've got quite the inventory, my friend.
Just one question: What do you mean by RHA being a  "European builder"? Do you mean that the parts are manufactured in Europe or is it just the brand?
The brand is european.
I don´t know if manufacturing process is made in europe or in another country.
just i know that i bought in europe.
in my "headphone life"i bought few products in europe
i posted diferente review details with 100% of audio quality, design and value.
the system has altered my opinion
only for fairness
i heard both the 750 n 600 recently, much prefer the leaner sounding pairing of 600 n my Fiio E18. 750 sounded too bassy on the E18. Maybe it works on the iphone.,shruggs
Also i like the angled plug on the 600. :P
the angled plug is better, no doubt
with the iphone, the bass response is very good and controlled.
i´m sorry not to have more my fiio alpen for a test