A Review On: RHA MA600i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone

RHA MA600i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone

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Pros: Rich and deep bass, spacious sound, easy on the ears, good fit, good build quality, 3 year warranty, nice packaging

Cons: There is the potential for mid-bass bleed, treble is a bit laid back and unrefined, provided tips didn't fit my ears



First of all I’d like to thank RHA for providing me with this sample unit. This is actually the first time I heard of this company and wasn’t expecting too much to be honest. But I have to admit I am quite surprised at how good this IEM sounds for its price point (around $90.00 I think?). It sounds very good for this price bracket.


Anyways, the MA600 is RHAs second flagship IEM with the MA750 being their top offering. I’m currently listening to these IEMs out of my Triad L3 with Firestone PSU and DACport LX (Silver LOD to RCA). My impressions may differ from others based on the gear we are using to make such comparisons (So keep that in mind). I do not find these IEMs to be V-shaped per se. My definition of V-shaped is where the treble and bass are clearly emphasized with the mids taking a back seat (FX700, TF10, Denon 5000). They are bassy for sure. But I do find the overall signature to be reasonably balanced.  The bass stands out the most followed by the mids to my ears. I’d say these IEMs remind me somewhat of the Sennheiser IE7s I use to have. But they are a bit more bassy overall, have less mid-emphasis and have a smaller sound staging. It’s still rather large regardless (typical dynamic characteristic).







The packaging looks quite professional and would seem to reflect a more pricey item (dare I say that :P). For some reason the packing gives off that AKG3003-esque vibe if you will ;). The packaging comes with an assortment of silicone tip (none worked for me), a carrying case, a product manual, silica, and of course the MA600is.











Build Quality


The MA600 looks to be well built. I mean I don't feel it will break soon as long as the IEMs are well taken care of. The housing is partially made of metal & some sort of wood (unless its plastic)? The wiring is covered in material (such as cotton) and plastic/rubber sheathing. Even the 3.5 jack looks to be pretty durable. Again at it's asking price this is rather impressive.








Generally Dynamic drivers rule in this department vs BA drivers. The MA600 definitely showcases bass more so than the mids and treble. It hits hard and it goes deep. There is a good balance between sub bass and mid bass. Depending on the song though the mid bass can bleed over into the mids. This doesn’t happen often from all the songs I’ve been listening to. It more so will happen on a song that is particularly mid-bass heavy to begin with. The bass these IEMs delivery is approaching bass head levels. Not to say it isn’t well controlled because it is in most cases. But I see no need for bass boost :P. Due to the bass these IEMs do have a warm tonality to them. It’s more of an IEM to enjoy music rather than analyze details.






I’m finding the mids presentation really depends upon the mastering of the recording. For example on some of the R&B & rap songs I was listening to the mids were quite forward. Yet on songs such as Lithium (Nirvana) the vocals do sound a bit distant. To be honest I do find this to be a good quality. The IEM is being true to the source. I consider the mids to be on the cool side and rather smooth. There isn’t an excessive amount of upper mid presence yet it does have a little bite to it to keep things interesting. I don’t consider these sibilant at all. Detailing levels are acceptable. Now compared to my other IEMs it’s not really fair. But considering the price point it hits above its asking price IMO.






The treble has a decent amount of extension and detailing. It is a bit laid back IMO (compared to the bass and midrange). Not in a bad way either. It is relatively easy on the ears. It is a tad unrefined but I am nitpicking here. Overall clarity does lack a bit compared to other BA IEMs. Even compared to the Flat 4 Sui. On a plus note due to this these IEMs are easy to listen to for extended periods of time (although I could see the bass causing potential fatigue for some).




Sound Staging


Generally Dynamic drivers excel in sound staging and these also do quite well in that regards (head staging is more the appropriate term though). The overall sound is rather spacious. Separation is pretty good. I did mention some bass bleed earlier depending on the track. But for the most part I don’t have issues with that at all. The overall sound is quite cohesive. The presentation is well integrated.




Final Thoughts


The MA600 is a rather good IEM IMO. Especially at this price point. I find it hard to really fault it. I enjoy the sound these produce. Now if you are a detail freak and would rather analyze every single note then I recommend something else. These are more so for enjoying music. Not taking things to the extreme :P. The MA600s are a bassy IEM for sure. But the bass is generally well controlled and makes for a fun sound. The mids are generally more emphasized as well to my ears, with the treble being slightly less emphasized. The head staging is rather spacious and typical for a Dynamic IEM. Well then again compared to say the RE262 the staging is quite a bit bigger to be fair. The presentation as a whole is well integrated and the warm tonality is a plus. Detail levels across the board are quite good. These are not detail monsters as I stated above but they aren't overly smooth either. I’d like to thank RHA for giving me an opportunity to hear these IEMs. I genuinely think they have good products and for the price it’s hard to complain :). I hope this review was somewhat helpful to you folks.





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