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RHA MA-350 Reviews


RHA MA350: Something to Trumpet!


Pros: Durable metal earpieces, comfortable fit, deep bass

Cons: Tangly cables, lacks a little clarity, driver flex

I'd like to think RHA for sending me these earphones for review.   Along with the summary below, I have posted a Youtube video review of the MA350. If you like the video, check out my channel for more reviews :)     Summary   BUILD   The MA350 has an interesting build, with a reverse horn / funnel shape. This is actually the opposite of a horn speaker design in principle, and means that the MA350 fits very comfortably in the ear. The aluminium in the earpieces is very welcome and makes the earphone feel quite durable, but the fabric wrapped cable is tangly and microphonic. Luckily the MA350's are well suited for over-ear use. The strain...
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Fun and Engaging Entry-fi


Pros: Build Quality, Comfort, Isolation and Fun Sound - 3 year warranty!!!

Cons: Microphonic fabric cable - can be fixed with the shirt clip

Full review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/691442/review-rha-ma350         First of all, I must note that the version I got seems to be a newer one as it differs from the ones I've seen online. The box is different, the plug is angled and not straight, the nozzle filter is black and the included eartips are "hybrid-style" ones. So please take this into consideration as my impressions might be quite different, and so it seems, from previous MA350's reviews.   There's a lot to like about these RHA model, and it's hard to find a weak point on them. The overall sound is on the warm side, rich and fun, and full through all the frequencies, with a slightly...
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Clean, detailed but harsh


Pros: Clean sound, highs and mids well responding with a good bass

Cons: Harsh upper mids, and extremely poor build durability

Introduction: Reid Heath Audio is somewhat of a new comer to the world of audio. Their main branch, Reid Heath Ltd. is still not very big. However, their company represenatives were homley and their web page yells humble.  They are ambitious in getting the word out about their company from the looks of it. I recently spotted their company at an Apple store. Amazing isn’t it, what people with a dream can achieve. I would like to thank RHA for arranging the review samples and Warren for the recommendation.Now let’s take a look at their earphone.   Read the review here: http://www.pandatechreview.com/rha-ma-350-review/ Unit Quality: -Utilitarian, light but well structured- The...
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Great Portable IEMs


Pros: Pros: Build Quality, Bass, Warranty, Cable, appearance

Cons: Mids are slightly recessed, don't stay in your ear too well, cable noise

First off, I would like to thank RHA for sending me the MA350's for a review!    I am going to get right into the review now.  Specs: Driver size: 10mm Mylar Frequency range: 16-22,000Hz Impedance: 16ohms Sensitivity: 103dB Rated/max power: 3/10mW   When I first received the MA350's and opened them, the packaging was good. A rectangle cardboard box with a plastic...
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Amazing little IEM with a great sound quality and signature, and a bargain at the MSRP. Must get if you're looking for a quality daily beater.


Pros: Good quality bass (esp. the subbass); small, funnel shape ensures comfort for longer commutes; midrange and treble are still high quality

Cons: Cable can get tangle if not stored in the cloth pouch; tips could be a bit stiff and tight the first time around; forward bass might not be for some

This isn't really a straight copy from my blog post here, but it still is a copy. More pictures and more in-depth look is in this 5-part review-journal. ==][==Classy Commuter: Final impressions of the RHA MA350==][== A huge thank you to Reid Heath Audio and warrenpchi for making this review possible, and moreso the person in charge of contacting me. Without them, I wouldn’t have heard this marvelous IEM: the MA350 Accessories and build quality You can check out here for more meandering on the package, but it has the usual package of IEMs: two more pairs of tips at small and large size, and a cloth pouch. Build quality is actually good: aluminium shells and ample strain relief on...
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Pros: Detailed, incredible subbass performance, great build

Cons: Stock tips lose seal easily with my ears, microphonic cable unless worn over-ear.

Thanks to RHA for sending me a pair of these to review! What we have here is a headphone that I can only describe as incredible. Very impressive Accessories - 3 sizes of round silicone tips and soft carrying pouch. Build and Design- The MA-350 has a very nice aluminum housing that holds the driver. Simple, yet shows some elegance. Long strain reliefs show increased durability. Cloth-sheathed cord appears very durable. Doesn't appear to be prone to memory effects. With the cable being covered in cloth, microphonics can be quite bothersome if worn down. They become relatively nonexistent with over-ear wear, though. Cable cinch is useful and well built. Stock tips don't work too...
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A Good and Durable Budget IEM


Pros: Aluminum housings, Solid Bass, Comfortable

Cons: Not the best accessory pack,

  First, I’d like to thank the folks at RHA for sending me a pair of the MA-350 to review.   RHA is a name I’ll admit I’m not immediately familiar with, so when an email fell into my inbox, offering me a chance to review their MA-350 model IEM, I admit I was a bit skeptical. But nonetheless, I accepted the offer and a couple days later the package arrived in my mailbox. So, does this upstart have what it takes to box with the best in the budget class? Read on to find out.   Packaging and Accessories: Comes in a simple paper/plastic box with three pairs of single flange eartips and a drawstring carrying case.   Design and Build Quality: Solid metal...
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RHA MA-350 Quick Review


Pros: Drama, Bass, Treble.

Cons: Dry, Mids

RHA MA-350 Quick Review   Thanks to RHA for the sample.   Brief:  Teeny tiny inverse trumpets.   Price:  £30   Specification:  Drivers 10mm Mylar, Frequency range 16-22,000Hz, Impedance 16ohms, Sensitivity 103dB, Rated/max power        3/10mW, Weight 11g, Cable 1.2m Fabric braided, Connections 3.5mm Gold plated   Accessories:  3 pairs of tips and a little baggie.   Build Quality:  Premium.  Machined aluminium buds and a weave covered cable sleeve all makes this feel like you’ve spend rather more than you have.  The cable is a little...
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