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A Review On: RHA MA-350 Aluminium Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones - 3 year warranty

RHA MA-350 Aluminium Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones - 3 year warranty

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Pros: Build Quality, Comfort, Isolation and Fun Sound - 3 year warranty!!!

Cons: Microphonic fabric cable - can be fixed with the shirt clip

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First of all, I must note that the version I got seems to be a newer one as it differs from the ones I've seen online. The box is different, the plug is angled and not straight, the nozzle filter is black and the included eartips are "hybrid-style" ones. So please take this into consideration as my impressions might be quite different, and so it seems, from previous MA350's reviews.


There's a lot to like about these RHA model, and it's hard to find a weak point on them. The overall sound is on the warm side, rich and fun, and full through all the frequencies, with a slightly lively presentation.



Bass is strong and punchy, but not lacking control. Sub-bass manages to reach deep and offers a fun rumble. There’s an extra mid-bass lift which makes the 350 sound fuller, but not overwhelming to offend the lower mids. Not as powerful and thick as the heavier sets such as the Dunu DN-23 and, fortunately, don't have the Brainwavz M5 annoying upper-bass 'hump'. Of course, there's no need to mention they're far from AF45 bass levels. A good comparison should be the VSD1-S, as both are very close both in quantity and quality terms, being the RHA just slightly boomier on times, but do share a very similar presentation.


Midrange is very slightly forwarded at best, not recessed for sure. Neither dry nor too sweet, but do have a decent sense of fullness. Not as effortless as the above mentioned VSD1-S though, but yet a bit thicker than the ATH CKM500 (which have the edge when it comes to overall clarity and openness - not very surprising considering the open-design of the AT). Vocals are more forwarded and nicely positioned. Female ones aren't as sweet as with more mid-centered in-ears, such as the VSD1-S with their special coloration, but on the other hand, both male and female vocals are evenly positioned (something that the Vsonic were really lacking). However, both RHA and Vsonic are far from to the pricier RE-400, which offer a much more intelligent, coherent and, mainly, beautiful vocals reproduction. Anyway, considering the stronger bass and added highs, the MA350's midrange was nicely made and won't dissapoint with most genres.


Following the lively signature, the highs are more prominent, very crispy and sparkly with a nice extension and very good clarity for the asked price. They are less forgiving than the smoother RE-400, and in a lesser degree, than the VSD1-S (which are already smoother within the Vsonic's budget line), but not sibilant or harsh unless used on higher volumes.


Soundstage is quite good, wide and open with a right sense of air and separation. A very enjoyable and catching sound, indeed.


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