A Review On: RHA MA-350 Aluminium Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones - 3 year warranty

RHA MA-350 Aluminium Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones - 3 year warranty

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Pros: Detailed, incredible subbass performance, great build

Cons: Stock tips lose seal easily with my ears, microphonic cable unless worn over-ear.

Thanks to RHA for sending me a pair of these to review!

What we have here is a headphone that I can only describe as incredible. Very impressive

Accessories - 3 sizes of round silicone tips and soft carrying pouch.

Build and Design- The MA-350 has a very nice aluminum housing that holds the driver. Simple, yet shows some elegance. Long strain reliefs show increased durability. Cloth-sheathed cord appears very durable. Doesn't appear to be prone to memory effects. With the cable being covered in cloth, microphonics can be quite bothersome if worn down. They become relatively nonexistent with over-ear wear, though. Cable cinch is useful and well built.

Stock tips don't work too well with my ears. I seem to lose the seal pretty easily no matter what size tip I use. I prefer to use the Sony Hybrid with the MA-350, which is strange, as I don't normally like the Sony Hybrids too much.

Comfort - Keep in mind that comfort is very subjective. With my ears, the MA-350 is mainly comfortable, but the large housing design allows for quite shallow insertion, and I seem to subconsciously try to push them in deeper than they can go. It's a slight problem that I have. Other than that, the comfort of these is quite good. 

Isolation is a bit above average for dynamic driver IEMs with large housings. Lack of venting is probably the reason for that.

Sound - The sound is pure bliss for me.

Bass - These IEMs deliver some of the best sub-bass response I've ever heard from an IEM, especially in this price range. It's punchy, detailed, and very controlled. Quite a lot of sub-bass too. 

Mid-bass and upper-bass are neutral when compared to the rest of the spectrum. I wouldn't consider it warm sounding at all, but I don't think I would go as far as to call it cold. 

Mids - The midrange is a tiny bit recessed to my ears. Definitely not enough to be considered a v-shaped signature, but enough to notice. It's pretty clean sounding overall.

Highs - I don't know whether to consider the highs or the bass as the main focus of these. The highs on these are very nice. Detailed, bright, sparkly. I love it.

Soundstage - Slightly above average for a dynamic IEM. Depth is good. Width is average.

Overall -  The RHA MA-350 is a great contender in the $40 price range. With incredible sub-bass and sparkly highs, these IEMs can really make any kind of music sound great, but I think they work best with electronic music, like DnB, dubstep, and electro house. Build is fantastic, and a 3-year warranty shows that these can be working for you for a long time. 
Highly recommended.



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