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Close to perfection

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Pros: Powerful bass, pronounced mids

Cons: Spiky treble, volume controls, interface

The L1 is sent to me, compliments from RHA as part of the world tour review of the L1, CL750 and CL1.




This is what you get inside the packaging. Sorry for the high noise image, my Note 4 jacks it up seeing it's all black lol.


The Unit


Inputs: Coaxial, USB, IOS USB

Outputs : 3.5mm, Line out, Mini XLR

Gains : Lo, Md, Hi, A lightning icon (whatever that means)

Bass : -3 to 9

Treb: -3 to 9


My selection: Gain Md, Bass 0, Treb 0, 3.5mm to RHA MA750i, USB to PC

Song selection title: Pentatonix



At some point in certain songs, the treble goes a long way, and could spike and distort a little. It's minor but noticeable, may be due to the songs themselves or the L1 just able to pick them up easier.

In the song "Water", quite a number of high note cripples could be heard, but if in comparison with mojo, it's more obvious. If you do not have any other devices to make the comparison, it might not be noticeable.


The warm lushy mids from the 750i gets improved using the L1, which makes me love the L1 more in combination with the MA750i, but definitely not recommend using them with the bright sounding IEMs, cause both the CL750 and CL1 gets the worst treble ever with the dacamp 1, which means the whole series is bright sounding, so a dark sounding, warm mid IEM is a better combination.


The bass that the L1 is able to push out is really good. Try hearing some bass-centric music, like dubstep or some shuffling song, say "Sorry for Party Rocking". Short volume bass starts thumping out and my ears are so entertained, but then I felt the bass is not there yet, time to find something deeper, and hence I tried "Underground Army - Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight OST", the bass is still so beautiful. This song is so bass centric with a lot of layers of bassy region, the low end really trips the mood while listening, getting me a bit moody but the pace of it keeps me on pace. Really nice bass.


It's really tricky to interpret soundstage on a hardware, like the L1. The ability to push the drivers to perform extensions on the IEM is one thing, and the ability of the IEM to do so is another. I had faith in my IEM and the L1 really took it nicely, spreading the surround effect effectively. I could tell which instrument is in the front, background little brittle and minor details, drums here, strings there, echo and mix, tadaaa.. nice hall effect!


I must say, I am proud of what RHA did with the L1, which I initially thought (while testing with the CL750 and CL1) is a dump hardware, but I was so wrong! With the MA750i, it made a statement, own me or go super premium. I believe this hits the right spot of what a DAC+ AMP should be like. Other vendors, try to keep up yo!

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NIce Review Bro...Am impressed of you..Thanks for the Audition..Maybe i should write a little also on this DAc/amp..It managed to impress me..Really amazing little DAC/amp from RHA..
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