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The Sabre DA chip at its best. Clear and ultra-resolving with a very good headphone amp built in.

A Review On: Resonessence Labs Invicta

Resonessence Labs Invicta

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did you just give us the finger? @0:34
anyway, this DAC/AMP is very expensive, i would have given it a 2/10 in the value department.
I agree... That value ranking is a joke.
Given what other TOTL DACs cost (Such as the Esoteric K01) and with all the features it has compared to other DACs which don't give you much beyond the power switch and inputs, that is how I gave it a ranking. However, the bars on the review edit page and what you see above are actually different, the latter being longer (higher) for some reason. 
I can't edit my comment so I'm adding another one: If, given that for a regular high-end headphone rig, you could easily spend the cost of that DAC on the components other than the headphones, that it can just about do just about the entire job in such a small unit makes it better value, if anything IMO.
As an owner of an Invicta, I must say it is well worth the price as well...
Nice review.  Looks like a nice piece of equipment, although the price is staggering.  Please explain what the two 1/4 to 3.5mm adapters are in this photo on the main page:
I only ask because they are different sizes.  I'm wondering if you're using impedance adapters for the IEMs.
No, they are just regular adaptors that came with headphones, not impedance adaptors. 
Thanks for the review. $5k? Really? That's about 10x my point of diminishing returns, although I guess that's a relative thing. Interesting to see what's out there and what people will pay for though.
Currawong I'd love to see you review the emotiva dc-1, seems like a great value all in one unit.. they recently said the headphone outs are 1.2 watts each at 32 ohm
I wonder how Resonessence comparing to the yulong da8?
Those are some killer looking cables! Nice write up. 
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