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A Review On: Resonessence Labs Concero HP

Resonessence Labs Concero HP

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Pros: design, sound, control, upsampling filters

Cons: no line out

I've received Concero HP from Ressonsense Labs for writing review in russian, but I want to share my thoughts with Head-Fi.
As usual, I'll be somewhat brief, as I'm not so good in English, but I can't be quiet about excellent hardware.

– Concero HP is really well designed. Nice package, solid and laconic look, it's perfect
– It's very small, this makes it really great companion for travelling users
– Sound is really stand out. I think it's maximum, you can achieve from Sabre 9018-K2M. Concero HP offers two custom upsampling filters, apodizing and IIR, and they do their work on some 44/16 records. I like Concero HP with IEMS: outstanding detalisation, enough power, absolutely black background
– Concero HP isn't power monster, but it drives most of big cans that I have (two exceptions are AKG K702 and HiFiMan HE-500)
– DAC supports all resolutions and DSD/DXD, that makes it universal solution that won't be outdated in near future
– It's pity that Concero HP doesn't have line out, so it makes it "headphone-only" solution, and you'll be unable to use it with other amp, but with headphones it does it's job near perfect.


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