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The worst sound quality I ever heard in my life.

A Review On: Razer Tiamat 7.1

Razer Tiamat 7.1

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Pros: Nice design, lights up

Cons: Very heavy, horrible sound quality, can't hear people behind or in front of you, not very comfortable

Before you read this, I think you should know that I'm not an audiophile and that English isn't my native language.


Let me start this on a positive note.


The design of Razer Tiamat 7.1 is very good. Even though the actual headset is big, it looks quite nice. The Razer logos on sides light up making this headset even more beautiful. But because the headset is big and heavy, it's not very comfortable for long periods of time. It just makes me want to put my head down and sleep.


But as far as the sound quality goes... It's not even close to earbuds that came with my Sony phone. In 7.1 mode, there is no bass at all but as soon as you switch it to 2.0, the bass eats all the other sounds. It's boomy and muddy. You can't hear anything besides granades and gunshots. In addition to that, all the sounds are muffled and it sounds like you're listening to 64kbps sounds in a big, long tunnel.


But that's not it. In 7.1 mode, I could  only heard sounds that were on the right and on the left side of me. I couldn't hear anything behind or in front of me. At first I thought that it's my integraded soundcard's fault. So I decided to buy a new soundcard. Asus Xonar something. I don't remember the full name, but as far as I remember, it wasn't bad.


The new soundcard upgraded the sound quality. Tiamat sounded a little bit more clear, but still didn't match the $10 Sony earbuds (Not even talking about the Beats Mixr, the best value beats).


I returned Tiamat to the store and took my money. I will never buy a Razer product again.


I just don't understand why Razer advertises this headset as the ''World's first true 7.1 headset'' that can produce ''crystal clear sound''.


Overall, I give this headset a half of the star for the design and another half for nice packaging.


At headphones they suck, try their real gaming gear like keyboards, mice and mouse pads. I am quite happy in gaming gear.
Even their gaming gear has some horrible build issues. Only Razer product I'd recommend would be the Deathadder mouse.
Their mousepads/mouses are ok (deathadder), but still overpriced.
My first Razer mouse died in six months, Logitechs last for years. I wouldn't put much faith in their build quality.
My Razer Abyssus has lasted for 3 years now... I am still enjoying it!
The only thing from razer is pretty much a nice product is the razer DeathAdder. The others...... you know the answer .
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