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Great for bassheads and game immersion

A Review On: Razer Tiamat 2.2

Razer Tiamat 2.2

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Pros: Great bass. Great positional audio, strong build, great immersion, braided 10ft cable

Cons: slightly heavy, ears get warm, bass may sometimes drown out details, but not so much.

Just got these as an upgrade from my Philips SHG7980 headset. Straight out of the box, they sound great, no equalizer setting modification required. Just plug the headset and get immersed in movies and games. The bass is definitely what makes this headphone shine.


Club/rock/dubstep music: perfect with Asus Xonar DGX sound-card (dolby headphone: enabled)

Gaming: best when used with Razer Surround 2.0 and all sound card effects disabled. For competitive FPS gaming, I disable all effects as the bass tends to drown out footsteps. For other single-player games, using razer surround 2.0 definitely makes things come to life.


I recommend the Tiamat 2.2 for gaming and watching movies. Especially for those who love music with alot of bass. I would really like to take these out with me if they weren't so big.


Music is also great coming from smartphones and ipods. And once you plug it to a dedicated sound card like the Xonar DGX, then the Tiamat 2.2 truly shines.


I own a pair of Sennheiser HD598 headphones, but still find myself coming back to the Tiamat 2.2 for gaming and club music.


Depending on your sound signature preferences, this may either be the best headphones you ever heard or worst. Fortunately for me, I enjoyed these headsets. I would call the Tiamat's fun where I'd literally be rocking my head to the music whereas the HD598s would be more for classical/jass where you basically may fall asleep even when listening to Rock due to it's mild bass and because they are extremely comfortable to wear.


At usd99.00, the Tiamat 2.2 will not disappoint.


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