Not the sound an audiophile would love

A Review On: RAZER Kraken Pro Circumaural Analog Gaming Headset - Black

RAZER Kraken Pro Circumaural Analog Gaming Headset - Black

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Pros: Low Price (At least in this area), Really good microphone, Punchy Bass (Might even be considered a con)

Cons: Uncomfortable after a few weeks (Top of head hurts), Completely made out of plastic

Remember: "Stay away from Razer".
Razer headphones are just meant to be "fun" for a certain amount of time. After a few weeks they either break or become really uncomfortable.

The sound is overall good but they are really overpriced like any other Razer headphones.

Although they are just headphones for the "bragging use".

Razer should know one thing - Overpricing the product doesn't make it better.


"After a few weeks they either break or become really uncomfortable."
Honestly, I don't see why that would happen. I own a pair of Kraken Pros myself (at the bargain price of $55), and even after 4 months of frequent use, I don't find them uncomfortable (I usually take them off for a couple minutes every 30-45 minutes of play). Only problem is, they're only good for gaming. Don't even think about listening to music with these.
Also, I don't really see them as overpriced -- at least, in the Kraken Pros' case. To me, the only Razer headsets that are really overpriced are those from their Professional and Elite lines, like the BlackShark and the Tiamat. I don't know about you, but that's what I think.
Maybe I just got one unlucky, uncomfortable specimen back then!
Speaking of listening to music with these: The Bass is really punchy. Not for my taste. Bassheads only... I think...