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Horrible Sound

A Review On: Razer Headset RZ04-00720200-R3M1 Battlefield3 Razer BlackShark Gaming Retail

Razer Headset RZ04-00720200-R3M1 Battlefield3 Razer BlackShark Gaming Retail

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Pros: Sexy, somewhat comfortable, good mic.

Cons: Sound

The sound for these cans suck. Without any eq settings, the bass clearly overpowers the mids and highs. I tried lowering the lower frequencies, but what I got was even worse. The mids and highs sounded distorted and lack some serious detail. It also sounded wrong, listening to my favourite songs made me sick. It is like it wasn't balanced or something, and the mids and highs sounded really weird and is extremely harsh. It also has that really bloated sound. I can't explain it too well, you'll have to get it yourself and try it out. 


Overall I think its best to stick to gaming with these headphones, cause its absolutely rubbish with music.


Are these even any good for gaming? That HD598 in your profile picture would do a lot better in terms of competitive gaming. (except for the mic part)
Lol no, these are horrid with gaming.
The 598's have a professional and classy timeless look while the blacksharks really are just a gimmick.
0/10 wouldn't even game with.