A Review On: Ray Samuels Emmeline "The Black Bird" SR-71A Portable Headphone Amp

Ray Samuels Emmeline "The Black Bird" SR-71A Portable Headphone Amp

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Lex Tan
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Pros: 1.Sound Quality Superb 2. Warm and very detail (Strip the song naked & you simply can hear every detail clearly) 3. High Power Amp

Cons: 1. Unable to recharge 2. Quite Bulky

I have never used a renown high end Portable Amp before as previously what I had used was Fiio product. Im new to Audiophile Headphone too.... 


Fiio E7 was my first portable DAC/Amp and i was quite disappointed as I don't feel the "punch" from my music. The overall of the song also seems grey to me. I am using HD650 and it doesnt go well with the can. I was so displeased which i later change it to Fiio E11. E11 makes my songs rumble to LIFE due to the strong bass and overall seems more lively than ever. Everything seems rite now but I was a little bit greedy and wanted something more from HD650. 


I began reading reviews and it seems like RSA SR-71A was the RIGHT Amp for HD650. I was so tempted by RSA SR-71A and how much it can delivered. I LUST for good sound quality and without much consideration I have gotten one.


RSA SR-71A is terrific... my songs now seems smoother and warm as compare to E11, E11 sounded kind of harsh and sharp. The bass and tremble are very good. The instruments that playing behind the song became stronger and prominent to my ears. Im always a great lover of instruments sound as I'm listening more Jazz and pop songs than the other music... I always appreciate how musical instruments makes the song so juicy... every detail of the instrument playing is very important for me.... And RSA SR-71A is able to deliver that requirement for me. Sound Stage nevertheless is wider. I have tried other Amp like Pico amp and ibasso P4 but regrettably they didnt impress me....  


The down side of RSA SR-71A is it doesn't come with rechargable batt and Amp is kind of heavy and bulky. I don't really care about all these factors as I'm already using an Audiophile headphone what is important to me is god sound quality. A good portable amp will allow me to have some small mobility at home. :)

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Congrats on joining the SR71 club.
Both the original SR71 and the SR71B also have distinctly powerful and clear sound signatures too. Don't hesitate to try them and compare them to the SR71A sound if you should come across either at a meet.
Happy listening.