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Radiopaq Custom Tuned Pop Earphones

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Radiopaq Custom Tuned Pop Earphones

Strong vocal range supported with crisp audio reproduction balanced with 30% more detailed mid range The Intelligent Audio range instantly increases the sound quality of your favourite tracks! Radiopaq was formed in October 2007 with the aim of delivering fantastic internet media and radio content from around the world through both a website and an physical internet media device. Radiopaq want you to enjoy great sound quality wherever you are and whatever you're listening to the Intelligent Audio range of accessories was created for use with your own mp3 player mobile phone laptop or other portable audio device. Professional custom tuned Pop earphone designed for more dynamic sharp listening experience with strong vocals and a great bass beat. Why custom tuned earphones? Because each genre or style of music has it's own sound and is most faithfully reproduced when listened to on equipment designed to bring out the best of that particular sound. How does Radiopaq tune their earphones? Their team of audiophiles have listened to and analyzed these different types of music - classical jazz rock and pop and by gaining an understanding of what makes each of these styles of sound have engineered both the earphone drivers and the internal earphone case profiles to achieve the best possible sound for each genre. So for Rock you get a big warm but tightly controlled bass with all the high end detail still present with Jazz you get rhythm and pace with a perfectly defined soundstage our classical earphones faithfully reproduce every nuance of the performance and with the pop earphones you'll get a more dynamic sharp listening experience with strong vocals and a great beat. Tuned to your Style Pop Electronica Dance Disco Hip-Hop Reggae House Hardcore Rap R&B Urban Bollywood Country Can I listen to other types of music on my custom tuned earphones? Absolutely yes! Just because Radiopaq earphones are tuned to give the best possible reproduction of a particular genre of music

FeatureHigh performance Custom tuned for best experience with your style of music Tangle free cable for easy of use and quick storage Bi-Directional noise isolation for you and others around you Unique design and light weight metal construction for comfort and custom tuned acoustics
TitleRadiopaq Custom Tuned Pop Earphones
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementEARC99-PO-003
Package Height2.2 inches
Package Length5.2 inches
Package Weight0.18 pounds
Package Width2.36 inches
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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