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A Review On: Qinpu Q-2 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Qinpu Q-2 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

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Pros: Integrated, small, great sound

Cons: Not much power output

My Arcam solo 5.1 quit working and after a few days I was anxious to hear some music, I hadn't yet given up on the Arcam so for around $100 USD shipped to Mexico from China this seemed like a good short term way to get listening again. I received it surprisingly quickly, Funny how it is easier and cheaper to get things from China to Mexico, than from the USA to Mexico. This tiny amp actually drives my Triangle Titus ES speakers to reasonable listening levels! as a headphone amp it works well with my PX200s and Grado 125s. I have pretty much given up on finding a repair shop for the Arcam but the little Qinpu is going to serve just fine until I can get back to the USA to pick up something better, But really now with this little gem there is no hurry!


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