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Qables iQube v1


Pros: Excellent sound, great build quality, excellent battery life, simple to use, nice design

Cons: Difficult to open and change batteries, surface of plates gets scratches, paint does come off after some use

I have had my iQube for more than two years now and I love it more and more. I like the sound quality and compared to many other high end portable amplifiers this is one of the top competitors. The level of details is perfect. This is a truly transperrant and neutral amplifier with absolutely no grain or added texture to the sound. It might be a bit more expensive than other portable amplifiers but for me it has been fully worth it. 


The iQube is based in a Class-D topology which is why it is very efficient and runs many hours (50+) on 4 normal AAA batteries. 

Qables iQube v1

Lightweight, portable Headphone amplifier High efficiency (90-95%) Class D amplifier Runs on 4x AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries, user replaceable 8-fold output buffer for a (near to) load independent output behaviour 4th order feedback loop for minimum distortion Fixed, phase-shifted carrier wave oscillator decreases inter-channel distortion Ultra low noise front end accepts any line level source without the need for impedance matching Top A-grade components used: Medical graded double layer epoxy using HOFC (High Oxygen Free Copper) Optimised board design enhances signal quality Alps potentiometer Visay series 036 decoupling capacitors throughout Panasonic stack film capacitors Carbon signal resistors Lumberg I/O connectors

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