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Pure i20 iPod Dock Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best way to get digital output without spending a fortune


Pros: Excellent digital out, OK DAC.

Cons: Power supply can be improved

I think some of the reviews above have missed the real point of the i-20 for audiophiles, it provides an excellent spdif output from an iPod. Used with an external DAC the sound is excellent and having tried some of the alternatives (Wadia, Onkyo) I'm not convinced their digital outs are any better despite the much higher prices. In fact, once I ran the i-20 from a linear PSU it was better than the Wadia.

Negative Reviews


Interesting alternative if you need a standalone iPod DAC


Pros: Inexpensive, versatile, charges iPod, bypasses iPod's DAC so you can use a better amp, very handy as a dock.

Cons: BRIGHT sound reproduction, on the verge of harsh.

I wanted to bypass the internal iPod DAC to get some better sound quality and plumb the output into a better amplifier. The Pure i-20 allows you to do this, but that comes with some drawbacks: this is by far the cheapest iPod DAC on the market, and it sounds like it's the cheapest. The sound quality that comes out of this DAC is bright by any standard, on the verge of harsh. I find that I can't turn the volume up on my amplifier very far before the sound produced from the DAC output on this device becomes so bad, that I have to take my headphones off and stop listening to music for a while.   It does make a nice iPod Dock, but it doesn't do anything by itself other than...
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Up and down, depends what you want


Pros: Slight reduction in treble harshness, slightly better soundstage

Cons: Doesnt' do much more than using the apple dock and a good amp

  **I won't be commenting on the build quality or the features of the DAC, this is a sound quality vs the Apple dock review only.**   The Pure-i20 is a very well priced product COMPARED to the other Ipod dacs out there BUT the sound quality upgrade is small compared to a normal apple dock and it could be a waste of money depending on what you are buying it for.   This was test rig:   Rega Ear headphone amp Audioquest Golden Gate interconnect (£60) [a very 'clear' revealing interconnect, used for both docks] Cambridge Audio Pacific interconnect (£40-ish?) Apple dock Pure i-20 Ipod Touch 2g Senheisser 439 closed back headphones  ...
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Pure i-20 review


Pros: clean sound, good build, features

Cons: sound is too colored

Sound is clean but colored.
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