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PSB M4U 2 Noise Canceling headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best of the rest of the world ?


Pros: Cancel noise is good but not very good

Cons: Not very strong

Hi,   This headphone is the best I've heard. I have Sennheiser PXC 450 and Bose QC 25. PXC 450 has a poor sound if you hear the PSB M4U2 ! Bose QC 25 is impressive about cancel noise, but too much bass and not very musical.   PSB is excellent for listen music in 3 modes and his cancel noise is not the cancel noise of the Bose, but I prefer PSB.

Negative Reviews


Appearance of high quality but lacking in execution and comfort


Pros: Amazing active (NC off) sound quality. Full range response.

Cons: Not that comfortable for long periods. Active NC has weird distortion sometimes. Poor Internal build.

Warning: See Update (2014-12-15) below.   First, a disclaimer. My Head is of an above average size. 7 3/4 (XXL) These headphones are very well made. In the world of plastic, it's nice to see headphones put together with metal and screws, though plastic is still heavily used. Because of this, they are heavy and ridged. The problem with this, is if you have a large head then they clamp uncomfortably to your head. Because of the stylized ear cups, you will find pressure on parts of your years. This is in contrast with most high end Sony or Sennheiser.   With a good headphone amp the fully off state produces good sound with good passive noise isolation. With the...
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More Reviews


Really impressive sound, not so impressive design.


Pros: Really good slight warmish balanced sound. Comfort for a big heavy plastic headphone is actually quite good.

Cons: Massive size. The build is not very impressive. No real value in the NC and amp electronics, expensive for "old tech"

Let's start with the build since it is a hot topic on this headphone.   It´s not very confidence inspiring but it's chunky. Made out of mostly plastics and cast aluminum for the adjustment arms and probably aluminum or stainless for the hinges, this thing should be quite durable. However i don't see it lasting a lifetime. Since it's so heavy and the plastic seems to be of the hard kind that just cracks and shatter if dropped, i think that if this thing picks up speed during a drop, it's probably going to break. However, i don't usually drop my gear and i am a very careful person when it comes to my gadgets i personally don't see this as a problem, but it's worth knowing for some...
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Very good!


Pros: Good in passive mode, great in active, and decent noice canceling

Cons: My ears get warm, and a bit too big and heavy for laying on my back.

I bought these headphones a little over a week ago, and thought I should post my impressions. I work in a small office, and sit close to my boss, who is constantly on the phone, so I wanted a noice-canceling big headphone for home and for the office. I first listened to these a year ago and fell in love with the sound, but my wallet didn't allow the purchase, and now I own them, and am very happy with them.   Previously I owned the K701's, but sold them because the headband hurt my scalp, and I've been using in-ear phones since. I mostly liked the sound in the K701; the bass was very correct, but sometimes not that fun, and the highs were incredibly unforgiving. The PSB's are more...
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Awesome Headphone ( :


Pros: Very detailed and well balance + good enough punchy bass ( I love the amp mode ) Stylish ,,but bulky looking

Cons: Bulky and yes,, a bit heavy

Bought this PSB M4U2 for a few days now,, super happy and excited - bought it from a headphone store.  ( Headphone Bar - w. boardway, Vancouver bc ) I always wanted a noise cancelling headphone with passive mode and uses batteries than stupid rechargeable ones.. and I have been doing my research and listing on headphones for a month before purchase and now my wish has come true  + this headset has a amplifier mode ,, which makes the music sound lively and hearing the vocals are super clear and clean sounding. I feel that the amp mode is the best mode than the nc mode.,, but still nc mode , is awesome ,, I couldn't even hear my phone ring ,, when I was listening in nc...
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I like these the best (Best for: Piano, Orchestral/Classical music. And music with Vocals)


Pros: Natural Representation, Soundstage "Room-Feel Technology", Nice Midrange, Integrated Amplifier

Cons: Noise Cancelling Is not the best, very heavy, On-ear clamping pressure, plastic design, Slight grain in the treble, Bass-transient are not the best

I've owned the Sennheiser Momentums, B&W P7's, and other mid-fi portable headphones but I prefer these in terms of sound quality only. Why? These headphone's have such an organic/balanced representation of all the sound frequencies that it really sounds accurate/natural opposed to accurate/cold or overly colored. Sennheiser Momentum: Dull/bloated bass response, overly thick midrange, and recessed high frequencies. B&W P7's: Unnatural Representation, slightly thin midrange, loose bass, strident high frequencies. Ultasone Edition 8's: They are like $1499. Better than the P7's and PSB's , but severely overpriced. Bose QC 15: I tried to like them for their excellent noise...
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Pros: Sound, Build Quality

Cons: None so far!

Just got my PSB M4U 2 headphones after a dilligent search for the right cans for my lifestyle.  I am a "limited audiophile".  Limited since my main genre is classic rock from the 60's and 70's.  If you need a broader range of music style to consider, then please press on.  This review may not be that helpful for you. I am also a frequent traveller, so the noise cancelling consideration is important for me.  I originally bought some AKG K495NC's, which were returned due to discomfort on the ears during long plane trips, and also considered and tried out the Sennheiser PXC 450's, which were a little too large for convenient carrying in my travel bag, and also the...
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PSB M4U 2 Travel Headphones


Pros: Noise Cancellation, Active, and still usable if batteries drain. Comes with lots of accessories

Cons: Somewhat large and heavy.

    A few weeks ago, I met a very nice gentleman who was a distributor of this product. I had never heard of PSB let alone the M4U 2 and I was given the opportunity to demo this product. A very big thanks to John of Lenbrook Asia for this opportunity.     On The Head   Isolation - average. Maybe similar to the LP2  for my sized head. The Ed8s & Signature Pros isolate more. Whilst the clamping force though somewhat akin to the Ed8s & Signature Pros. It's weight on the head though is heavier than the aforementioned headphones.   The size of the earcups are just a tad small for my ears despite being circumaural. As...
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the seldom discussed PSB, a Giant killer...?


Pros: Sound quality, comfort

Cons: so far, none

Had these for just over 2 months now and have a couple hundred hours with them. These are a very balanced headphone in terms of the frequency range they are capable of. Paul Barton (the man who designs PSB speakers) suggests this is 20-20,000 Hz @ ± 1.5 Hz, and I believe him.   I find these to be VERY comfortable. They weigh in at almost a pound, but a nice pleather padding on the headband and nice soft pleather ear-cups make them literally disappear. Unless I move my head in some direction with speed, I don't notice that I'm wearing them. I've had them on for over 10 hours straight, and never suffered warm or sweaty ears, or any discomfort at all. Perfect cans for my head it...
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