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In a different league altogether!

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PS Audio - PerfectWave DAC

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Pros: Best DAC I've heard to date, fully balanced, pre-amp capability, firmware upgrades, network bridge upgrade

Cons: Expensive, huge, not asynchronous, weird I2s

I sold my PWD.  It's definitely NOT because I didn't like it; it's actually a terrible story and now I really regret letting it go, especially for the price I ended up getting for it :(


I haven't owned tons of DACs like some on these boards, but I've had at least enough to tell when one is something special.  The PWD is definitely one of these DACs.  I would say this even though it wasn't the ideal source for all scenarios; when feeding my pre-amp, a power amp, or powered speakers it seemed to lose its magic.


The PWD by no means perfect; the screen doesn't seem all that necessary, it's probably twice the size as it needs to be (have a look inside and you'll know what I mean), the USB is not asynchronous, and the network bridge is a very expensive proposition (haven't tried it myself).  If you do some digging you may find many of our senior members here who really enjoy this source and I'm going to say that all of its praise is fully well deserved.  For me I fed it with a Halide Bridge (NOT to be confused with the PWD Bridge) asynch USB converter, it turns out the pairing was a very good combo and I'm glad I made the expensive leap of faith for both pieces.


In retrospect this DAC just sounds right.  It made recordings sound significantly more alive and brought forth more details than I've heard from anything else; needless to say it was a very refreshing experience to hear in my setup. Although it's a very expensive piece of gear for most in this hobby, myself included, I think I will do my damndest to get another one sometime in the near future.  The PWD is just that good.


How did you end up with else 1900 . ...
Wonder how this stacks up against the Audio GD Ref 7.1 (PCM1704UK) and the new Ref 7.1 based on the Sabre ES9018 chipset
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