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A Review On: Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earbuds - Retail Packaging - White

Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earbuds - Retail Packaging - White

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Judge Buff
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Pros: Decent iPod sound quality, EASY pairing with iP5, intuitive controls, good iP5 call quality (both ways); Much better sound than a single BT earpiece

Cons: Must remove an earpiece during calls (drum effect); Ear pieces are very large; Length of charge is short at ~4 hours or so

I took a leap of faith with this purchase. There were only 9 reviews on Amazon, but the avg was 4.5. I don't usually expect a lot of credence in most Amazon reviews, but people are critical of bluetooth headsets in general. I am, too.


My initial testing, though by no means extensive, indicate that this BT stereo headset is a capable little item. I had a range of over 20' several times, which means I don't need to carry my iP5 around my office. Callers say it sounds, "good," "normal," "like a real phone" (whatever that means). And the tunes on my iP5 sound as good as entry-level earphones. I haven't tested it outside or in my car, yet. I don't expect any surprises in the car, and phone positioning in the wind is a big determinant to outdoor sound quality. I don't plan to call anyone in a wind tunnel...


If things change, I'll revise this. If you question the "value" at $80, price some others...


Hello, I just ordered these via Amazon and was wondering, how would you compare them to the likes of Sennheiser CX175 (I broke them, so looking for a replacement) in the sound quality department? Thanks
just got them today and they sound great