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Good while they last

A Review On: PL50 In-ear Headphones

PL50 In-ear Headphones

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Pros: Very Comfortable, Decent Sound.

Cons: Not very durable, bad customer support, Ugly.

I've seen three pairs of these earphones in one year and each pair has been faulty. The first pair lasted a few months until one of the speakers suddenly decided to stop working.


I made the mistake of contacting customer support to get a replacement. After a couple of weeks they sent me a replacement which was faulty out of the box. One of the speakers simply did not work.


After a few weeks managed to get a hold of customer support and explained to them what happened. They said they will send me another replacement once they receive the faulty set they sent. So I sent them back and I had to wait for a couple more weeks until they received the earphones, constantly having to ask whether or not the earphones have arrived or not. Eventually I was told that they received the earphones and that they will send me a replacement.


Two months after my initial contact with customer support, I receive a working replacement. Unfortunately, they only worked for a couple of weeks until one of the speakers, once again, stopped working.


In conclusion, I'll just say this. These are fine earphones while functional. They are comfortable and audio quality is decent, but I cannot bring myself to recommend these to anyone after my horrible experience with the product. The customer support is ridiculously bad. I ended up wasting more money and time, running back and fort to the post office trying to get a replacement than if I was to simply buy a new set of earphones.


Avoid these.


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