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Pioneer SE-MJ591 Reviews


Love Them


Pros: excellent sound,non fatiguing, Mids, Easy to drive, very musical.Forgiving

Cons: Retail expensive, light highs

I am new here and had headaches reading about headphones. I am no audiophile and just have a laptop to enjoy my music from. No "gear" as yet. I love vocals so no V shaped signature for me. I had budget of about 250 USD and was looking for a closed can because, curiously, I thought that they sound better.   I think it’s too bad that most of us have to buy headphones without getting the chance to actually listen to them so I went to guitar center and tried AT-M50 and Shure SRH 840. I bought SRH 840 and was very excited. However, after using them for a few days, I found 840s to be very very heavy and not that musical. I define musicality as something in the sound signature...
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One of the most musical cans I've ever heard. Expressive.


Pros: Musicality. Seductive sound. Enjoyable to use. Well made. Portable. Value.

Cons: Comfort for long sessions.

Not the best spec wise but so much fun to use. Musically expressive with an emphasis in the midbands. Everything about this can is endearing. I find the 591's sound addictive and seductive.    A stand out product. 

Pioneer SE-MJ591 for use with iProducts


Pros: Excellent quality, design and SQ

Cons: Bass light

  I picked these up based on the new rave review in Stereophile. I'm listening to these now fresh out of the box plugged straight into my iPhone. I've been on a kind of a little quest to find something good for mobile use out of my iPhone. Definitely mid-centric, but that's okay. Craftsmanship and SQ are top notch considering my application. I wouldn't use this on my home rig really, but for on the go with no amp I'd rate it 4.5 stars. There's good detail without highlighting the deficiencies in my source which is quite a feat. Headband needs to be stretched out for sure for comfort. I'm glad to have these.   I've heard a lot of cans out of the iPhone, and this one is...
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