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Pioneer SE MJ31 Reviews




Pros: Portability and sound.

Cons: No padding on headband.

I bought these for portable everyday use, and I can't say enough good things about them. They are perfect. The sound is amazing. I have Beyerdynamic DT770's and these sound like small versions of those. These have very punchy bass and nice mid and treble, with beautiful sound stage. All of this coming out of a small headphone. All the specs are good, and I couldn't believe these were 32ohm. Awesome! They are "on ear" but they nearly cover my ears, which is great. I didn't want really small on ear phones. The cord is really short, which is great. No more having to deal with million foot long cords bunched into my pocket all day. They fold DJ-style, which is beautiful....
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Street Savvy with a side of On-the-Go DJ


Pros: Clear and defined tones, portable, great design

Cons: Short and thin cable, fragile looking shell, easily destroyed jack-cable connection

First off, looking at the packaging, it's not all that. It promises a range of 8 Hz - 25K Hz and frankly, it's kinda much of an over specification. Even if you can feel down to 3Hz minimum, it doesn't even practically apply to any sound besides binaural sound waves. But it is a good advertisement for what it is aiming for, bass heads. I got myself a red pair along with the HDJ 500 I currently use. Given that it was a promo item, I was thinking, maybe it's not selling that well. So I decided to burn it in and see for myself why no one would want a pair (cause frankly, even among my peers, some people don't even know Pioneer made cans like these). Note: I didn't get the LOOP one, just...
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Lightweight bargain


Pros: Inexpensive, lightweight, decent sound

Cons: poor build - esp on headband, no padding

I got tempted to purchase a pair of these after reading the reviews here and seeing these cans appear on a bargain site (Catchoftheday.com.au). They perform well, but I prefer the sound of my ATH-M50's, but for the money they are a huge step up from anything else I have used in this price bracket.

A good headphone for its price


Pros: Sound Stage, Sound Quality, Portability

Cons: Isolation, Comfort could be better

I was in Japan and was looking at headphones to buy. I had a cheap budget of about 4000 yen or circa $40. I bought this headphone because it was on sale for $30 and was very good looking. It was also labled as a bass heavy headphone which attracted me at the time.    At first I did not like this headphone because the bass was too muddy and I could barely hear the highs. However, as I broke in to these headphones, it turned out to be a more neutral headphone. I was surprised at the sound stage because normally on-ear headphones don't have good sound stage compared to over-the-ear headphones. The build quality seems to be good. Even though it is made mainly of plastic, it...
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