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A Review On: Pioneer Monitor 10

Pioneer Monitor 10

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Pros: very impressive

Cons: none

In a quest to improve the monitor 10s, I removed the unsightly coiled cable which always kinked up.

I replaced it with my Beyer DT48 coiled cable and junction box and then built a bracket for the triangular Beyer box and attached all to the left side of the headphones. Inside is a small pcb board and it made soldering all together very simple. Works fantastic. To improve the earpads, I used the Beyer pads which I attached to the pioneer ear frame using Barge cement.This gave me the proper spacing and really improved the sonic quality and appreciation of listening. The older Beyer earpads make a better fit and are available.


I just got a set of these in the mail, and while they're a little lacking in the bass department (going to try either some new pads or some leather), these things have the best soundstage of any headphone I've heard, closed or open. I love 'em already.
How about more info about the sound?
In my quest to get new ear pads I found that
Sennheiser Hd 435 415 465 are about the same size and should fit.
get em cheap on Fleabay...
How did you remove the cable? I'm having troule with mine. The right side works just fine but the left side has no signal...
I want to get 3,5mm mini-jack input on my Monitor 10 - '77 model. The coiled cable is damaged and I want the opportunity to change between different 3,5mm-3,5mm cables. How much money is reasonable to spend on a project like that? Can´t imagine it is that difficult for an electronic specialist. Would you suggest to change all the cable-work at these beautiful well-sounding piece of eminent industrial design?
I completely recabled mine and replaced the earpads with brainwavs black pleather memory foam pads. They look and sound great. Very happy for a $30 purchase of headphones. $5 Braided black Oxygen free cable and gold plated mini jack. $20 Brainwavs earpads (well worth it)
I'm getting acquainted with a friend's stock Monitor10.  While the sound is clean to a noteworthy degree, I don't like how closed-in the treble and bass sound.  I pretty sure the stock pads are to blame.  Do they open up all the way in sound with Beyer or HM5 pads?
These do seem like they may have potentially quite nice soundstaging, in stock form they already sound like a lesser K701.  Any of you who modified one compared it to K702/Q701/K712?  Or at least K601/K612/K501 or DT880 600ohm or either version of DT770pro?
They are awfully nasal and shrill stock, does this go away with the pad change?
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