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Pioneer Monitor 10

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Pros: very impressive

Cons: none

In a quest to improve the monitor 10s, I removed the unsightly coiled cable which always kinked up.

I replaced it with my Beyer DT48 coiled cable and junction box and then built a bracket for the triangular Beyer box and attached all to the left side of the headphones. Inside is a small pcb board and it made soldering all together very simple. Works fantastic. To improve the earpads, I used the Beyer pads which I attached to the pioneer ear frame using Barge cement.This gave me the proper spacing and really improved the sonic quality and appreciation of listening. The older Beyer earpads make a better fit and are available.

Pioneer Monitor 10

The vintage Pioneer Monitor 10. It is hard to describe its sound. For some it sounds plain and uninteresting, for some it sounds lively and brings music to a higher level in terms of enjoyment. It is a special headphone, what else is there to write...

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