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Pioneer HDJ-500K DJ Headphones (Black) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Love it


Pros: Great for electronic music, for amateur mixing, affordable price, closed build, suitable for street use as well, highly sophisticated visual design

Cons: The cable lock could be tighter

My first and only high quality headphones. I use it at home for listening to music, home mixing, gaming and watching movies, but I use it with my iPod as well in the street, at public transport, etc. I wanted something at a reasonable price, suitable for home listening and mixing (mainly goa trance, chillout, trip hop). Closed build was also an important issue, since I hate people on public transport forcing me to listen to the sounds of their ****ty music, just don't want to become one of them, not to speak of how great it is to insulate external sounds while travelling for example . The spiral chord is really handy, I haven't had any problems with it, the jack lock could be a little...
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Negative Reviews


A little disapointed


Pros: Fairly good looking

Cons: Muffled mid-highs, high price tag for sound quality

I was rather disappointed when these arrived today, as a DJ who relies on mids and highs just as much as lows I wasn't very happy with the overall sound of these. I expected, for the price tag, a little more clarity. Instead I feel I ended up paying an extra £40 just to have the brand tattooed across the top of, what are, quite attractive headphones. My studio headphones are ATH-M50's and for DJing I had previously been using a useless pair of £15 Sony's from Argos...the jump to the HDJ500's was felt marginally in the build quality and weight and less in the sound quality - I am being rather blunt and harsh, I understand, but I honestly feel like I've been taken for a bit of a mug, ...
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More Reviews


Great bass on a budget, but still low-end.


Pros: Plenty of tight punchy bass, great looks, detachable cables, very affordable, comfortable, right cup swivels, wide soundstage.

Cons: Plasticky and squeaky, recessed and grainy mids, loose cable lock, not collapsible.

GREAT BASS ON A BUDGET Pioneer HDJ-500 review   (NOTE: this is a review of the HDJ-500, not the HDJ-500K. The difference is that the K model has a smartphone compatible 1 m cable to receive calls). Bass-head headphones are the most prominent models in the market today but unfortunately, as most of us know, a number of this bassy headphones while offering plenty of low end thump, the bass is simply bloated and not good. For a couple of months I've seen lots (and by lots I mean at least 90) of people wearing the cheapest headphone in Pioneer's current DJ headphone line, the HDJ-500; many of these might as well be fakes, but I still wondered about their popularity. After a...
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After a month of using the Pioneers...


Pros: Durability, looks, bass response

Cons: Muffled mids and highs(depends on eq), white one will stain.

After having these DJ headphones for about a month, I can see I'm fairly impressed despite the fragile appearance and the frequency response graph. UnEQ'd, mids and trebles will be slightly veiled(take it with a grain of salt) due to the bassy sound signature of these headphones; they are for DJ's after all, not studio use. The response is far better than when they were out of the box though. Rock: These are...Well, I'd say neutral on speed (they don't attack, nor do they lag too much when listening to rock). You will get a blast listening to drum lines though. Electronic/Anything focusing on bass: The response is tight and controlled; you can easily feel the vibration from truly...
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