A Review On: Pioneer HDJ-2000 Reference Professional Dj Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Reference Professional Dj Headphones

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Pros: good sound, comfort, durability, mono/stereo switch

Cons: cancerous cord, mini xlr, weak points?

These headphones sound neutral in comparison to the pro700mk2, but they definately do have a bit of a V sound signature.  However, these probably have less bass than the M50s.  They have good surround sound/panning/soundscaping/whatever we call it these days, and provide a nice, immersive listening experience.  The mids are remniscent of some sennheiser earbuds I have had before, as in they are good but a bit airy.  A sound engineer would say that they lack crunch.  The highs and bass leave nothing to be complained about (the frequency range covers about twice as much sound as the human ear can hear).

The sound isolation sucks, but I think this is because the headphones are so comfortable.  The headphones do not isolate bass or highs, only mids.  I think it is worth it for the comfort, though.  One problem is that they seem to actually reverberate some bass sounds from outside, sort of doing the opposite of noise isolation.  I don't think anyone else has had this problem, though.

The build quality is excellent, but I think the folding mechanism seems like a weak point that might break.  If it does break I will update this review and tell you how long it lasted.  Also, according to the owner's manual, the cord causes cancer (but only in the state of California, right? :)).  Anyways, not sure what's up with that.  Lastly, the mini XLR cord is incovenient and more likely to break than a normal cord, so I have no clue why they did that.

The headphones come with one cord (which is too long in my opinion), a carrying pouch, the headphones themselves, and one of those transformer jacks for guitars and stuff.  It would have been nice if a hard case and an extra cord with a microphone had been included.  However, these are pro headphones, not consumer cans, so I guess it's alright.

To conclude, these are superb cans for the price point and are well worth the consideration, as long as you are willing to buy the warranty, have your own cords and cases and stuff, and don't need particularly good sound isolation.

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I've always loved my HDJ-2000. I think they're an oft-ignored great headphone.