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Simply uncompared sound.

A Review On: Phonak Audéo PFE 232

Phonak Audéo PFE 232

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Pros: Sound, comfort.

Cons: Leak more sound outside than JH16

Well, its simply perfect sound, and I mean PERFECT. I tried to find better, and I couldnt, it tried with:


Custom builds: JH16, AlienEars (12 monitors)

Tried LCD2 Audeze

Sure 535

Westone 4R

Senheisers (lame, all!)


Did I mention comfort? That you forget you wear earphones? Yes - they are that much fit!


Dont waste you money to wear LCD2 that makes your head sniffing sugar from the table or another double price customs - 400 quid with audeo will make you pleased forever.


What sources used?


HM901 (what the funk that software is??? the software on HM901 needs another story... I beg somebody... make the rockbox for hm901, people will pay for it!)

Ibasso DX100 (same software story, thought HM901 will be better... what a dissapointment, in fact if you think of buying one of them - go for ibasso, they have less noise too than HM-901)

Myst 1974 (enchanced, 4xOPA627, ad8620 filter and enchanced buffers...)

Leckerton MKII

RSA Intruder

Custom build : Double Buf634+ opa627 + Sabre 9023 AMP/DAC (guess what, it sounds maybe better than all mentioned before all run at +-15V)


I read plenty of reviews from headfonia (they talk a lot but can ever make up their mind whats the best... :o) ) and everywhere else. I spent fortune just to realise that higest price doesnt mean best quality and yes, I have a bat ears, I used to have recessed some stuff in my ears and after some process only doctor can say I have extra "fragile" ears so I can heard damn well sound differences.


Practical winner is the Phonak 232, its quite surprising even for myself but its just what I hear. LCD2 could be better but its just hard to wear.

I think these guys from audeo are some sound doctors as from I checked they normally produce iems for deaf people :)


I know im cruel c*nt judging so easy - but its truth what I say.


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