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Phonak Audéo PFE 232 Reviews


Sweet and clear


Pros: Best highs ever?

Cons: price

Audeo Phonak PFE232   Let's start with comfort.  I have an ear that doesn't work perfectly with the pfe232.  This may be rare, but I get a lot of forward treble that is almost sibilant, but more "in your face" with instruments like cymbals.  This is not normal, as I can tell it is too far unbalanced to be intended.  The cymbals are so far forward I can't listen to the song comfortably.  Any song with cymbals and like frequency instruments.   However, if I push them further into my ears this goes away completely.  100%.  Everything sounds "correct" and natural with great balance between everything.  Unfortunately, this takes away...
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dual driver Perfection!!!


Pros: best treble for me, deep tight bass, clear vocal

Cons: soundstage width is not as wide as some competitors

SUCH PERFECTION!!! WITH ONLY TWO DRIVERS!?   i know it's kinda late to write this... since this gem is discontinued already.. but lemme tell yaa.. great things are everlasting.. even with many more competitors with more drivers phonak pfe series still hold their own league and uniqueness    ergonomics: oh boy..... they are comfortable.. and i mean... extremely comfortable, i could say they have the best comfort for universal iem and i've tried brands that are known for their comfort such as shure, westone, and even inear stage diver, and i could say that phonak's comfort totally hit the sweet spot it's a perfect housing   the cable itself is also good and...
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A very rare gem!


Pros: Fantastic highs, Detailed mids

Cons: Availability. Also slightly lacking in the bass department - but good enough

Being out of production for a few years, I had to hunt this pair down for a few months before I could get my hands on it. And boy was it amazing.   Everything sounds fantastic out of this set of IEMs, but put on a track with strings (violins, cello) and feel the hairs on your head tingle. Overall warm & bright signature. Instruments are vivid & accurate. Treble extension is amazing.    Con is if you're a basshead you'll find these slightly disappointing. Also, there is a lack of aftermarket parts (the cable while detachable, is not easily replaceable as it's a custom made)   If you manage to see one of these lying around, please grab immediately...
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Still some of the best universal iem's


Pros: Highs to die for, Powerful yet tight and controlled bass, good soundstage, amazing scalability, very comfortable.

Cons: None

These iem's are amongst the best universals I've heard.  Their sound signature (tunable with filters) is mostly v-shaped but remains very pleasant and detailed.  They're quite expensive but their scalability and amazing highs extension only justify the asked price for me.  I think they deserve a very good source and amplification otherwise they're not much better than other cheaper offerings.  Another strength of these in ears are their comfort which is very hard to find elsewhere (they're very light and small so it's easy to get a good fit).  Overall, I'm very happy to own them.

Great iem, could easily compete with other flagship earphone`s (se846, ie800, k3003) if isolation was better


Pros: Bass, timbre, comfort, ergonomics, removable cable, sparkly highs, detailed albeit recessed mids, soundstage

Cons: Isolation, cable perhaps a bit thin past y split, new tips are darn hard to obtain, don`t lose them!

Basically a great all rounder, works well with all genres and should appeal to anyone due to their balanced, slightly bassy sound sig. Bass is never muddy and details are pronounced. It`s a great sounding iem, but not suited for travel due to poor isolation. Works great for home listening and extremely comfy, almost as comfy as my Klipsch X10`s! The soundstage is expansive and has great width and good depth, but don`t lose the phonak tips; they contribute heavily to the nice highs and airy, open sound, I lost one tip and tried using fitting some sony hyrbid tips and found that they sounded no where near as good. Adding fuel to the fire, new phonak tips were only available at one...
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Pros: Fit, Balance, Natural

Cons: Picked them up on sale, therefore price was not a concern. Nothing else


Simply uncompared sound.


Pros: Sound, comfort.

Cons: Leak more sound outside than JH16

Well, its simply perfect sound, and I mean PERFECT. I tried to find better, and I couldnt, it tried with:   Custom builds: JH16, AlienEars (12 monitors) Tried LCD2 Audeze Sure 535 Westone 4R Senheisers (lame, all!)   Did I mention comfort? That you forget you wear earphones? Yes - they are that much fit!   Dont waste you money to wear LCD2 that makes your head sniffing sugar from the table or another double price customs - 400 quid with audeo will make you pleased forever.   What sources used?   HM901 (what the funk that software is??? the software on HM901 needs another story... I beg somebody... make the rockbox for hm901, people will pay for...
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REVIEW Phonak Audeo PFE 232 - Universally Brilliant.


Pros: sonically great, top notch build quality, incredible sound

Cons: price is perhaps high

  Introduction When PFE 232 was announced back in February, there was plenty of interest, at least until the price tag was revealed. At £400 ($600), Phonak’s new flagship IEM is the most expensive dual-BA universals, even beating some triple-driver IEM’s in price. Phonak’s Audeo PFE series have been known as great bang for the buck IEM’s, so let’s see if the PFE 232’s are worth their £400 price tag.     Manufacturer Specs Drivers: Dual Balanced Armature Color: Black / White Weight: 16g, 0.5oz Plug: 3.5mm Cable Length: 120cm, 3.8 ft Apple iPhone / iPod's mic supported Three different types of acoustic filter   Package The PFE 232 came in a...
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