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Clear, and Comfortable

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Philips SHP 2700

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Pros: Treble is good, vocals can be heard clearly, bass is not too loud.

Cons: Sounds crackling if too loud(from -5dB to 0dB)

I can't write detailed reviews but I just write about it from my experience.



The treble part is pretty good on this headphones. You can hear them clearly, but it will sounds crackling if the volume is too loud.



Not bad, I can hear vocals clearly, and not too loud too.



The bass is [strike]kinda[/strike] too soft actually. You might need to tweak the EQ to make it louder, and crossfeed might help.



No soundstage, everything is just ordinary left and right.


That's all I can say. If you're looking for a cheap yet good quality headphone, this might be for you. It's comfortable too.


But listening to music at high volumes for too long might cause the driver to sounds crackling even at low volume. Mine does, oh well. :(
I´ve got a pair of this phones, and agree with you: nice treble and midrange, but soft, too soft in my opinion, bass. They are light, confortable, and cheap, too.
After listening again with the headphones for few days, I agree with you. The bass is indeed, too soft. EQ tweaks should help but it's hard to nail it. Sometimes it will sounds good, sometimes the bass will be too loud.
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