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A Review On: Philips SHL9705A/28 Headband Headset for Android -Black

Philips SHL9705A/28 Headband Headset for Android -Black

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Pros: Really well balanced sound; Comfortable; Well made and designed; In-line mic with solid cable

Cons: Could be too quiet; Cable is not detachable; Sound leakage (but I'm OK with this as I wear them on the street), Philips app is a little clunky

Got these for $20 on Woot. They're exceedingly comfortable on-ear headphones with memory foam that feels soft and cushioned. The cable is thick and just the right length for a portable device and only emerges from one side of the phones (too bad it's not detachable). The looks are classy: the aluminum is shiny but not garish, the red trim is barely noticeable but a nice touch nevertheless, and the black headband is soft and comfortable and easily adjustable. The build quality is very solid and the earpads swivel flat with a reassuring click.


Onto the important stuff: sound quality. Well, once again, I'm no audiophile but these sound great for portable device listening. The Android app you can download adds a bit of boost to the overall sound character without messing things up too much (unlike like a lot of EQ apps). You can adjust the sound profile (more warmth, less bright, etc.) in-app. They have nice highs, good mids (which I really appreciated in a world of bass-heavy headphones), and just enough bass punch to make them sound good without being overbearing. Going back to some other headphones I own, I realized how muddy and "boomy" they were compared to these. However (and this is a big issue for me) they just don't seem 'driven' enough. This could be down to my particular device, but even when I crank the volume to its highest level it's just not loud enough out on the street (but fine indoors). Music is OK, but I can't listen to any spoken word out and about because it's just too quiet -- bummer, but your mileage may vary, and some smartphones may have stronger volume. However, other headphones I've tried don't have this issue.


If you can snag them for a similar price, they're worth picking up. The added advantage of being able to answer calls, start/stop music or forward/backward tracks is nice for Android device owners.


Sure, these aren't going to match high-fidelity cans and they're specifically aimed at portable use after all, but I'm very impressed for the price. The retail cost (around $70) is too high though, but I noticed even Amazon has them for much less.


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