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A Review On: Philips SHL9705A/28 Headband Headset for Android -Black

Philips SHL9705A/28 Headband Headset for Android -Black

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Magick Man
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Pros: Great sound, feather light, low price, portable, smartphone controls w/ mic

Cons: I don't know, they don't come with free chips?

I forgot my headphones so I bought these at an airport kiosk for my flight, to avoid having to use the airline ear buds. For the price, they're shockingly good. Heck, they're good for $100, at $30 they're a complete steal. Bass is taut and full, mids are well presented and slightly forward, and while treble is a little "warm" and rolled off, it's still better than average. Combined with being durable, comfortable (to me), and easily driven by anything (they're designed specifically to be used with an Android phone, but they also work with iOS devices), they're a perfect set of inexpensive, portable on-ears. Just throw them in a bag and go.


Are they that good? It's good to see somebody who own's a tree that grows money give honest review's for less expensive stuff affordable by the rest of the masses.
Yeah, they're one heck of a value. I even bought a couple spares, just in case they get broken in my carry-on luggage.