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A Review On: Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown

Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown

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Pros: Great sound, comfort and noise isolation

Cons: Poorly designed cable and not very portable

*Before reading, please know that I'm very new to Head-Fi and I've never written a serious review before. Thanks!



I bought these headphones after months of on and off research and consideration. I wanted a really high quality headphone that my iPhone and desktop computer could drive without the bass-heaviness of Beats by Dre (I listen to mostly rock of all types) and I didn't want to spend more than $175. After having these for 3 months I think I can now give a good input on these. To keep things concise, here are my pros and cons with these headphones:



- The sound is amazing! Since I've owned these, I've probably gone through most of my rock-dominated library. These headphones give very clear highs, mids and lows. Acoustic songs are incredibly crisp and clean, bass-heavy songs are powerful and booming, and the instrument separation is clear and precise. In comparison to my friend's Beats Solo HDs, these are much more accurate and dynamic overall.

- I can't stress enough how comfortable these cans are! The ear cups are a very form-fitting and light foam covered by a soft and flexible leather-like material. The headband is covered in the same material and is also very comfortable. I can wear these for several hours without my ears getting hot or any other discomfort.

- The sound isolation is another huge plus. These have truly better isolation than the headphones that I use for drumming, which are Howard Leight Sync headphones.

- I really like the design of these headphones, which is what attracted me to them in the first place. I love the high quality materials and just the overall look of these. 



- One of my only peeves is the cable. I do like the flat cable style, but unlike the rest of the headphone, it feels really cheap and has caused a few problems. My main problem with the cable is the volume slider. I haven't seen this in any other reviews so it may just be my pair, but the volume slider will create a static sound or short out one side. I have to be really careful about it, because it usually takes me a minute to put it back to the original position. I also would have preferred a detachable cable and I wonder how long the cable will last me. I have to be really careful with it

- Just a minor thing, these are not very portable. They don't fold, and these are pretty big headphones. I would have at least expected a carrying pouch or something, but whatever.


The bottom line

I'm not an audiophile by any means, but I am really picky when it comes to headphones. These are awesome headphones and I use them almost every day at home or whenever I'm on an airplane. I'd recommend these to anyone who wants a well-balanced, well made, comfortable and stylish pair of headphones for less than $200 (I think one color is $100 on Amazon now). I wouldn't recommend them for everyday travel or commute or if you can't handle a not-so-durable cable. For me these are pretty close to perfect. Out of all the headphones that I own (Urbanears Plattan, Sony MDR-NC40, Howard Leight Sync, Skullcandy Hesh, and some Altec earphones), these are by far the best and my favorites. Definitely check em out!


Thanks for reading!



Good review. I myself was quite surprised to discover how well these perform, especially with respect to their price.
i just taped up the volume slider n totally forgotten about it. :P The spagetti wire is tangle free, i like it.
The volume slider issue is indeed common. Every person I've come across who owns these has the same problem with it. Taping it can help, just make sure you get it in the "sweet spot."
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