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Phillips Citiscape uptown review

A Review On: Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown

Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown

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Lux Nocte
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Pros: Very comfortible with a fantastic build quality and good looks.

Cons: May be too quiet for some. Perm. Imbalance

My Preference
The primary styles of music I enjoy are New Age, Classical, and Celtic. Essentially I would not be welcome in a conversation about Metal or Rock. I have few prejudices when it comes to music genres, and can listen to and enjoy many different kinds. The only kinds of music I am not fond of are ones with screamed vocals. that being said, on to the headphones:

At first glance, these are absolutely beautiful looking headphones. They are defiantly something you would feel comfortable using in public, and the looks, thankfully, do not come with the price of build quality and comfort.
The shells over each ear seem to be made of metal, if not a very strong plastic. Ear adjustment is done by the cups swiveling on the circles in the center. A piece of metal mounts each cup to the headband that allows for head adjustment. The headband is made of leather on the outside and an extremely soft almost silk-like material on the inside. The cup cushions are also made of the same material.
These headphones live up to their expectation when it comes to build quality, as well as being very comfortable. I have not yet experienced ear sweat even in the heat wave we are currently having. The cable did not bother me as much as other reviewers may have mentioned.

The isolation on these is absolutely magnificent. You can have the volume on full blast, even amped, and not one sound wave will escape. In some instances, you can hear outside of the headphone if you are on a loud bus and such.
I am currently attending a jazz band as a pianist, and in a loud band room where everyone is practicing, it is obvious that sound passes through any headphones in this enviornment. But the Uptown did help very much in practicing, giving me the ability to hear the piano much more clearly over others.

First, allow me to get one problem out of the way. I am not sure if it is just me, but the volume on these headphones was much too quiet for my standards, especially when hooking it up to my electric piano.
Hooking it up to the FiiO e6 fixed this however.

The Phillips Uptown are my introduction to the quality audio world. So I have little experience and can not compare to other headphones. I am only able to offer my personal opinion.

While these are great sounding headphones, they do not fit my preference. Getting these headphones made me realize that I am very much a person who enjoys pronounced mids, as if my equalizer settings did not prove that fact enough for me. But it made me realize I loved pronounced mids because it does not have pronounced mids. I felt something lacking in them. Vocals felt melded into the instruments, sounding dry. Solo piano did not feel precise and quick.

Once again, this is just my personal opinion. The headphones just did not match my music preference. The just uptowns felt more laid back than what I am used to.


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