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Plenty of bass

A Review On: Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown

Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown

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Pros: Bass, wide soundstage, warm sound, comfy padding, neutral sound signature

Cons: Short lead

Build quality.


The earcup padding is exquisite with it's soft, smooth faux leather, as well as the beautifully padded headband.  The model I bought for £49 off Amazon was the all black one without the volume control as I had demoed the silver one with the volume control and it had a channel imbalance, so I thought that the all black version would be a safe bet.  I like the understated look, the satin finish of the earcups is very nice as well as the excellent stitching of the faux leather.




The bass is dynamic and when called for, goes deep.  Generally the bass is above neutral but does not overshadow any of the rest of the sound signature.  Mids are quite detailed with a warm sound, highs are clear and just right in amount, sparkly enough and not veiled.  I am now selling my open-back Philips HP890 due to warmer sound and more bass of the uptowns, despite the fact that the instrument separation is slightly less defined on the uptowns due to slightly narrower soundstage.  Having said that, the soundstage on the uptowns is wide enough to be like an open backed set, possibly due to the angled drivers, definitely impressive for closed-back headphones.    I have tried many headphones and none have surpassed the sound quality of the HP890s, so these uptowns have earned the right to surpass them!  My other set of headphones is the Yamaha HPH-200 and the sound of those are more detailed and sharper but more fatiguing with allot of treble and less bass extension.  Compared to my Philips SHP5401 the uptowns have more bass and less upper midrange.  I have read that the uptowns are better than the m50s and Brainwavz HM5 and in my opinion they are underrated, like many other Philips headphones.


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