nice for cheap single BA .

A Review On: Philips SHE9850 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics

Philips SHE9850 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics

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Pros: forward mids , flatter spectrum , good acessories .

Cons: rolled off highs , not much details .

 yeah these off the market , but i thought lets have a small evaluation of it .

 nice cable , there is a cable clip , comply tips , nice carry pouch and 3 size of rubber tips .

 in audio department , these are lacking much details due to rolled off highs , its there but not transparent enough , but other things are good , fast bass , good impact , not much air and nice details .

 Clearly forward mids , mids do take the center stage and has the most amount of details to it . nice vocals , good for both female and male vocals , separation is good but with out much details what is there to separate , okay soundstage for a IEM , but what keep a listener seated is its cohesive signature , foward mids and thincker notes , and it feels dark still warm .

 good overall energy but not enough at highs . clearly rolled off , you can hear it but you will have put some extra effort to it .

 all in all a nice BA and will come down to what you paid for it .

 i paid $50 for the first and $16 for the 2nd . and if you can get one for under $50 or 40 , its a good buy to have a go at single BA phone .


These were one of my early IEMs (circa 2010/2011). I miss the creaky carry case, too-stiff cables, and ultra-high sensitivity. But it was a nice earphone at a decent price for that time (got mine for $65).
hey , nice phones i must admit . i like this , easy going sound with some mid focus .