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cheap shouldnt sound this good

A Review On: Philips SHE3590BK/10 In-Ear Headphones (Black)

Philips SHE3590BK/10 In-Ear Headphones (Black)

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Pros: inexpensize, decent bass, quite sturdy build

Cons: microphonics, muddy highs

  Sooooo...after 2 years of faithful service, my trusty westone um1s have finally played their last song and died (the left earpiece has no sound coming out of it) so i figured it was time to get a new pair. I've since ordered the eytomic hf5, but until they got here, i needed another pair because apple earbuds hurt my ears. As such, i got another set of these guys, which also happen to be the first ever set of in ears i ever purchased, and i was not disappointed...again

  These are incredible, simply put, for the price that you pay. i let them burn in for about 3 hrs before plugging them into my ipod classic and pulling up a bunch of 320kbps mp3 tracks. The first thing that strikes you is the bass: thumpy and solid, slightly similar to the beats by dr dre line from monster, but with slightly less in-your-face-ness, so you really do feel every kick drum beat with oomph. mids are average, if slightly recessed, especially on vocal tracks like "till i hear you sing" by ramin karimloo where he sounds slightly muffled. In fact, most of the vocals sounded either muffled or excessively airy.

  Instrument separation is average, sometimes you can hear each instrument individually, sometimes it's just a wall of sound headed straight for eardrums, but not that bad overall. the Highs are probably the weakest point of these earphones, sounding either thin or flat, with an obvious drop off in the higher register that flattens the entire sound. Its not anywhere near what you would hear physically, but then again, how can you argue with a pricetag like that?

  Finally, the miscellaneous stuff. microphonics are pretty bad on this, especially because they are designed to be worn straight-down and have cables coated with some soft-touch rubber coating that REALLY picks up every scuff and bump, so i use them mostly when sitting still on the bus. Isolation is decent for an in ear, but the buds are quite small themselves so its quite unobtrusive when they sit in your ear.

  Overall, all i can say is that these earphones are probably among the best that you can find in this price range, so they make a great pair of spare earphones for anyone, or even a main pair for people not that particular about great sound, or have really lossy digital music ( these are really forgiving, even 64kbps tracks sound decent )

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i love this earphones.I use this with my sony ericsson ray mobile phone with jet audio(android) installed.In some songsicould even hear the deep notes that only a subwoofer could play.I got this from pc world for 4 pounds and this is my third one.The other ear buds I bought for9pounds each.If you are looking for some exceptional sound, not the brand (but you have to connect it to good source) then trust me this is th right choice.
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