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Philips SHE3590BK/10 In-Ear Headphones (Black) Reviews

Positive Reviews


ownage per warmth


Pros: well refined signature, spatial sound orientation, pleasant warmth of tone, compact and durable build, color choice, unprecedently solid cord

Cons: not very fashionable by default, overly domesticated sound, "plastic" feel, pastel colors not suitable for anybody, often declassed to intro new model

For starters: I first knew about those from this exact spot in the int3rwebs. It's astonishing how they were put on pedestal and praised on a world-range audiophile board (yet as already inaccessible 3580's) with their outlook and lack of predatory fashion qualities normal for asserted "bang 4 the buck", "pleasure" and "*hit*" 'phones. Such as beats. Overly compared to even audiophile stuff for hundreds, drew they my attention.   A nice, but not very decorate, package, an me quickly wrapped off to test them already seem meaningless in context of $10 canals. It would be overtly expectant to suppose anything but protective plastic and a pair of silicone, whose provision skips my...
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Negative Reviews


a great buy considering the price at which they sale


Pros: good presence across the entire sound spectrum.

Cons: sound imaging not that great,cables are non trustworthy,sound isolation below par.

okay i am putting up this review after a lot of usage with these so called"garbage bin miracles". 1.packaging-simple,nothing wonderous here,and custom accesories 2.cable-seriously a let down but what can u expect at this price,so cant complain too much 3.isolation(2/5)-until and unless one gets a perfect seal its hard to get a good isolation.cables are practically undurable. 4.sound analysis(3/5)-    lows-good quantity,moderate quality,delayed decay,positioning in presentation is good.    mid-perhaps a great plus point here,front faced,unoverwhelming,good texture,non fatiguing,imaging is quite good    highs-aha,a definite surprise,good extension,crisp...
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More Reviews


Buy these, no excuse!


Pros: Good sound, low cost

Cons: Cheap build, a bit too much bass for some music genres

The Philips SHE3590 headphones were listed on the Head-Fi Headphone Buying Guide. They are inexpensive and widely available. Most Australian electronic retailers stock them and they cost about AUD15. I bought these (in white) to replace my lost AKG IEMs (which I have since found again!).   Build quality is cheap and plastic looking. Nobody will think to steal these headphones and you won't look like Dr. Dre (Mr. N.W.A., coming Straight Outta Compton, y'all better make way) when wearing them.   I gave the SHE3590s a quick listen this evening to a variety of classical, pop and rock music and in comparison to Superlux HD681 (full-sized, open), Xiaomi Piston 3 (IEM for Android...
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Amazing what 9 euros buys you


Pros: Pretty impressive sound

Cons: build quality

Spend some time googling for decent budget earbuds and sooner or later you'll stumle upon Philips. There's some raving reviews out there for their SHE3580 which went out of production in 2012. According to Philips product support this is the same device with just the colours changed a bit.   Where to buy? Over here in north-west Europe they're easy to find with most big name stores as well as the bigger online retailers stocking them. Expect to pay between 8 and 10 euros for the white or black. Price and availability of the fancier colours varies.   What's in the package? The little plastic tube contains a piece of cardboard that proudly proclaims "dynamic bass", 3 sets of...
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The Best for the Price. Period.


Pros: Very pleasant sound signature, comfortable for many ear shapes and sizes, incredible value

Cons: Prefers a shallow seal, cheap build quality, slightly thin sound

Accessories: Three sizes of single-flange silicone eartips. Build Quality/Design: This is probably the only part of these IEMs that feels like it belongs at the price point. The housings are entirely plastic and don't feel extremely durable but not extremely fragile either. Little driver flex is present. The cable is very poorly relieved, with no strain relief at the housing end and stiff relief at the 1/8" plug. The Y-split is minimal and not relieved either, but it feels like it will be less of an issue than the housing. The cable is very plasticky and thin, especially above the Y-split. However, it does not carry much cable noise worn cable-down and almost none cable-up. The design of...
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Unbelievable sound quality and durability for the price.


Pros: Tight bass, lightweight, inexpensive

Cons: Short cord

I picked these up as a quick replacement for my H20Audio in ear headphones that had failed. I run frequently, 3+ times a week and had been using waterproof headphones to combat the sweat that quickly ruined all of my Apple in-ear headphones (and others). I figured for the price, I could buy ten of these Philips sets for the price of the H20Audios. Imagine my surprise when I put them in and they have far less cord noise, and much higher fidelity than the more expensive sets. Unbelievable sound quality and durability for the price. They also look brand new and haven't failed (at the headphone jack connector, or one ear, as often happens to me) in more than a year of heavy abuse. Abuse...
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Philips SHE3590 - very decent, full range sound on a budget ($16.95 USD at CVS pharmacy)


Pros: Full audio spectrum is well represented. Reasonably comfortable. Very good bass extension & treble can sparkle with a little EQ

Cons: Cable noise, but remedied by putting leads over ears. My 3590's are white (wanted black, but oh well).

These are just plain excellent.  I was never really a believer in IEMs, but I am now. These Philips SHE3590s are a real eye-opener.  According to the ratings here on Head-Fi, these do, in fact, out-perform some of the $400+ kit...and I am not surprised.  The main complaint regarding sound quality seems to be a slight lack of clear, natural highs/treble (kind of artificial-sounding). I agree somewhat, and I experimented with my laptop's B&O equalizer by rolling back the Philips' 4 KHz and 8 KHz regions down to -2 and -3 db respectively, and boosting the 16 KHz region to +3db. They now indeed sparkle, without sounding artificial at all. Bass is very clear, deep and punchy;...
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Not at all bad for the price.


Pros: Sound for the price.

Cons: Cables a bit thin and stiff, can tangle easily. Lacking low mids.

I got these in a hurry before a flight some time ago, realizing that any phone is better than no phone on a several hour flight.  I didn't expect much, but  putting them on made me stop and have a listen for a minute. These 10 Euro phones were not junk, not at all actually. Bass and treble were there, not the best I ever heard, but the presentation was clean, clear with very good separation between instruments. Initially, the high mids/low treble sounded a bit shrill, which could be fatiguing at higher volumes for long times. Once they had some hours of playing, they settled to a more mellow sound. One thing that is still missing is some energy in the low mids, I assume in the...
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Bola 7

One of the biggest bargain of market


Pros: amazing sound for price, cheap, small, comfortable, great isolation, many color options

Cons: build quality

The SHE3590 was the biggest surprise I've had in years. it's decently balanced, has good but not overwhelming bass, and generally sounds clear and surprisingly refined.   Others reviews:   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/2013-innerfidelity-holiday-gift-guide-page-3 http://theheadphonelist.com/earphone-buyers-guide/  

Definite Buy! If you are a bargain hunter looking for great sound (under $20), its a no brainer!


Pros: fantastic sounding, great isolation, small footprint

Cons: cable build quality is a underwhelming (tougher than it looks), cheap feel, only provided 3 silicone tips

Review of the Philips SHE 3590- a miracle under $20 (can actually be had on ebay under 15$ or 10$) First I would like to say that I’m sad that Philips is discontinuing this gem. The pair I’m reviewing is my 2nd pair(in the pink, yes it was the last pair left in the store, but I learning to enjoy the colour) after nearly 3 years of faithful service from my first pair. I’m curious if they changed the sound since the last time I heard them. Please brace yourself the first few paragraphs may give off the feeling of disappointment, but please read on, specifically the comfort and ergonomicsand sound quality tell a completely different story. And despite these shortcomings, I still think that...
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cheap shouldnt sound this good


Pros: inexpensize, decent bass, quite sturdy build

Cons: microphonics, muddy highs

  Sooooo...after 2 years of faithful service, my trusty westone um1s have finally played their last song and died (the left earpiece has no sound coming out of it) so i figured it was time to get a new pair. I've since ordered the eytomic hf5, but until they got here, i needed another pair because apple earbuds hurt my ears. As such, i got another set of these guys, which also happen to be the first ever set of in ears i ever purchased, and i was not disappointed...again   These are incredible, simply put, for the price that you pay. i let them burn in for about 3 hrs before plugging them into my ipod classic and pulling up a bunch of 320kbps mp3 tracks. The first thing that...
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Fantastic Earphones!


Pros: Great sound quality, very comfortable, high isolation, price

Cons: Microphonics, no pouch included

Pros:   -Great sound quality -Very Comfortable -High isolation -Price   Cons:   -Microphonics -No pouch included
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