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Philips SHE3580

A Review On: Philips SHE3580/28 In-Ear Headphones

Philips SHE3580/28 In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Bass, Clear highs, Price, Overall sound quality

Cons: Flimsy cable, noise through the cable

I did not expect much out of this headphone and bought just because I can. If nothing else, I thought, I can use this as a disposable headphone on one of my trips and not worry about losing them. But, I could not be more wrong.


This pair has become my daily driver. The 3580 has bass and sub-bass that can compete with $100 headphones. And it is not muddy in the slightest. This is pure, clean and not overpowering bass that sometimes my ATH-M50 does with some songs. The highs are crisp and clear. 


Plugged in with my FiiO E7 and sansa clip+ I just got lost for two hours in my own world last night all the while wondering how can these be so good at this price! While I mostly had trance and bass heavy songs on my playlist, Led Zepp's 'Stairway to Heaven" sprung up on shuffle. I certainly missed some lows at the start of the song, but the clarity of the guitar riffs got my ears pointed. 


Noise isolation is not great at all, but good enough for me. I don't like to be totally cut off from the world while walking. There was a lot of static noise through the cable that disturbed the music. So now, I make sure there is no loose cable and shove the extra length into my pocket ( it's only 3.9 ft long).


All in all, these are killer IEMs that everyone should try out! I mean everyone...just buy them and give these out as charity so that people can appreciate good music. 






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