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i loved it

A Review On: Philips Fidelio X1

Philips Fidelio X1

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anonymous cat
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Pros: extreme comfort, superb bass, detachable cable, good space and frequency range

Cons: leaks sound, Maximum power input 500mv

well i am new into this but you don't need to be an expert to judge a good headphone


1. extreme comfort, you can wear it for many hours with no fatigue at all, no sweating, your ear doesn't touch driver grill or the surrounding pad and the only complain sometimes you feel the need to itch because of the pad fabric


2. good cable built quality and nice packaging, and the headphone built is prestigious 


3. well if you have room mate i think you cannot buy an open headphone but this x1 does not leak much on normal volume


4. superb adoring adequate bass .. never felt so adequate bass not low or high


5. treble a bit high but may be it needs to break in 1st


6. movie dialogue volume is a bit low but may be to the sense of space given


7. works flawlessly with portable devices


8. one time i was using the x1 on my denon avr 1611 in a movie and i cranked the volume up to hear the dialogue out but i heard a faint buzz in the right speaker when a sequence of very deep bass was playing ( like 10 or 20 hz ) .. i cranked the volume more i heard a rattle in the right speaker only .. cranked more i heard the rattle in both drivers .. tried my friends x1 same issue .. so i think one might need to watch closely the volume limits when using avr or amp .. may be due to the Maximum power input 500 mv !! don't know but i read that the denon ah-d600 Maximum power input rated at 1500 mv .. this only happened with very deep bass content on high volume .. but as to normal content mp3s and very heavy bass not that deep you can crank up the volume to deafening levels with no buzz or rattle or distortion 


9. excellent in gaming and bassy music as to movies mmmmmm well cannot judge it yet


i returned the headphones for a refund because of the faint buzz .. failed to get it out of my head and every time i play something i searched for it .. after i returned it i am searching for another headphone like the ah-d600 and v-moda m-100 but guess what i already missed the x1 and thinking of buying another pair .. cannot seem to find a better contender in the price range


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