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Sweetly airy and warm with a large soundstage and small instruments.

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Philips Fidelio X1

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Pros: detail, air, bass, neutrality (besides bass), comfort, looks, easy to drive, soundstage, lack of sibilance

Cons: fragile, chord?

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My impressions changed after having a brand NEW pair. I think the first set was faulty or something. This is an engaging headphone with very good balance and a healthy bass. Cons would be that It could use a little more transparency to sound hifi and the bass could be slightly tighter and reach lower in a perfect world. So this isnt a perfect world if you didnt know and even though the new l2 has a blacker background and a more hifi sound its balance is off in comparison. 


I agree
I love my Momentum
oh yeah make the momentum a little bigger too. I somehow think they were trying to swing the pendulum away from huge cups and went too far.
I owned HE-400's and I can handily disagree with you that they are good for electronic music. They DO NOT reach deep enough down on the low end to get that real bone rattling sub-bass that makes you squeal when you listen to electronic music. I sold them, then tried the K712 Pro, sold those too (same problem). 
^That was for open back headphones. What other open back headphone can do electronic better in this price range?
Overall I would agree that the he400 is not ideal, but for that matter not many if any open back is.
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