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Great easy to drive heaphone!

A Review On: Philips Fidelio X1

Philips Fidelio X1

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Pros: Nice sound, sound good out of everything!, Good beginners headphone, Comfort, Design, very easy to eq

Cons: Audiojack seems fragile, Voices are too upfront/close by/

I'm slowly going to add more and more to the review! The reason I make this short review is that the few info it has might be meaningfull to someone!

Still burning in, somehow and without noticing it first the voices became very much in your face. Still checking whether gear makes a difference. They also started to sound less closed later on.





Probably not a good match with e10.


Outdoor usage:


These are NOT an outdoor headphone. I'm probably still going to use it as one in the summer. 

A) These are open (Duh)

B) The headband elastic things make a little bit of noise when walking.

C) If it's windy the wind makes a load sound because of the grill on the sides. This is were it gets impossible to use.

D) even if you walk too fast you'll hear the wind. Riding a bike or anything else can't be done either.


They are still usable for a nice stroll in the sun! (god I hope that isn't far from now, damn cold!) Easy to drive so no need for huge amps. Sounds surprisingly good out of my phone, even without my e5. short cables are relatively cheap. You can get a v-moda cable for around $12.


Yeah i have the Fiio E10 and X1 too and it sound better out of my Denon amplifier....
May I ask why you think these wouldn't be a good match for the E10?
"Voices are too upfront/close by", "voices became very much in your face" - definitely get better DAC and/or amp. If I understood correctly then You used FiiO E10? Anyway, with iBasso DX50 & Aune T1 (both modified) the soundstage is huge and voices are definitely not "in your face" but rather outside of headstage (depends on recording and mastering too of course). That`s what I really like about X1 - huge soundstage, great separation and imaging with everything "outside of head", almost like listening live/speakers.
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