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Sound great, look stylish, comfortable, good value

A Review On: Philips Fidelio X1

Philips Fidelio X1

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Pros: Euphonic fun headphone that works well for most genres of music and represents very good value for the price

Cons: Earpads not user replaceable, need to swap stock cable

The X1 does many things quite well and blends them together to produce a consistently pleasurable listening experience.


Bass is excellent for an open dynamic headphone, but not excessive, and blends well.


Overall tone is a bit warm, but not overpoweringly so (less so than an HD650). Detail is good (not excellent), but these are not analytical headphones.


Works well across many genres of music, but is weakest at rock - still pretty good but shines on EDM, Jazz, Bluegrass.


Large, plush velour earpads are quite comfortable, Sony MA-900s are the only headphones I have owned that are more comfortable (MA-900s are INSANELY light and comfortable, highly recommended for anyone picky on fit).


Not picky to amp.


My favorite headphone for extended listening sessions.


An excellent value at about USD $230.


Two downsides - the earpads are not user replaceable - I believe they are glued on. At a cost of >$200 that is a bit annoying. Also, it is generally recommended to replace the included cable due to its high impedance (about $10).


Easy to give 5 stars to at this price point.


I ordered one and waiting for its arrival. Salivating....
totally agree with your review. The only other cans I own are the m-100s (and astro A40).
Insanely comfortable. I use my Vmoda cables, very low impedance. Love my m100 but they are two completlly set of cans. So glad I have both of them.   
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