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The best headphones I have ever worn

A Review On: Philips Fidelio X1

Philips Fidelio X1

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Pros: Soundstage is spectacular, feeling is flawless, audio is awe-inspiring

Cons: I wish the cable was 1/8" to 1/4"

These are literally the best headphones I have ever put on my ears. After a five minute settling period, I can't even feel them on my head. They're very lightweight and both the ear cup and headband padding is absolutely top notch. The tension literally could not be more perfect and the center of mass is tight to my head, keeping them from sliding or shifting when I turn. The Fidelio also sounds amazing, with a depth to the soundstage that feels like I'm being surrounded by the music instead of having it shot at me, and the entire range of sound is extremely well reproduced. The drivers respond very well to equalization: I prefer a very slight "smile" shape to my spectrum, which they accept wonderfully. The overall sound signature is warmer than any of my comparison cans, breathing a certain life into music that I didn't realize was missing. My typical music genres of metal, blues rock, pop rock, dubstep, and a cappella all had details revealed that I simply couldn't hear in other headphones. The best example of this was "Turn The Page" by Sam Morrison: I honestly never knew the rhythm guitar was playing so many notes in the background. Filtered, electronic sounds like the vocals in "Circles" by KDrew sound positively unnatural (the intended effect), and the cover of "I See Fire" by Peter Hollens is tingle-inducing.


Games sound incredible and Dolby Headphone literally sounds like it was made for these headphones. Explosions are punchy without being gusty, dialog is crystal clear, and environmental sounds are perfectly ambient. The best results came from games with lots of background noise, as the worlds felt more full of activity. Playing War Thunder and Arma 3 gave me a whole new experience in picking out individual sounds.


Movies are rich and extremely well balanced. Dialog is clear, music doesn't overwhelm, and the small details stand out. Most importantly, I can listen to music, play games, and watch an entire movie without even feeling the headphones.


I could gush about how perfect I think these cans are for hours, so let me stop here and close it out with the one criticism I have: It would be nice if the plug was 1/8" with a 1/4" adapter, instead of the opposite.


I found them to take much longer to burn in.
I use SBX for games, and it's very very good too. Arma 3.. lol.. will they ever really advance that sound engine without reverting to adding too much reverb? High quality samples - but needs work.
Yeah the X1 is great :)
What other headphones have you listened to that these bested?
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