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Philips Fidelio X1 Reviews


Philips Fidelio X1 | Comparison & Review

 Philips Fidelio X1 | Review & Comparison   Quick Summary(As compared to AKG's K702 Anniversary and Q701)  X1:  Warm and smooth but with a slight "U" shape, a little more of a "fun" signature, bigger bass w/deeper extension, mids less prominent and a bit more neutral sounding, slightly more treble sparkle.  Soundstage size is pretty similar to the Anniversaries, but with smaller instruments and a little more distant presentation.  As a result, inside the soundstage there is a little more spaciousness and room and slightly better imaging. K702 Anniversary:  Also warm and smooth but with a flatter more balanced signature and more natural timbre, less bass, mids fuller and lusher, treble...
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Alex Explorer

Philips Fidelio X1 is embodiment of extraordinary musical headphones


Pros: Extraordinary musical, strikingly lively, huge soundstage, excellent balanced, superior detailed, outstanding comfortable

Cons: Not replaceable ear pads, the cable tends to swirl a bit too much

Audio impressions in music Many reviewers already wonderfully described everything what is needed to know, so I will try to use a bit different approach.   Namely, does the Philips Fidelio need the headphone amplifier or not, as they have just 30 ohms, what doesn’t demand really serious amplification.   1. Testing with different equipment from just PC, to integrated amplifier and separate external DAC and headphone amp Philips Fidelio X1 is always keeping their main characteristics, but the presence of those characteristics is significantly changing with use of following equipment: - when plugged just into PC everything appear as from distance (not present enough), as...
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This is the closest I've gotten to feeling like I'm in a movie theater from a pair of headphones.


Pros: Expansive Sound Stage, Amazing Treble and Midrange, Booming Bass.

Cons: Non-removable earcups, bass is slightly lower than closed ear.

 My goal was to get close to theater like experience, this got me in the seat. It's amazing. I picked mine up for ~$150 during a sale and I would reccomend these up till $200, but go for the improved X2 for $250 if the X1 is over $200. Quality: These headphones exude premium quality from the get go. Everything from the box, to the headphone comfort, to the sound. They managed to put in the perfect mix of aluminum metal and lightweight plastic where it seems like the whole can is made of aluminum. Keeps the weight manageable while still very durable. Sound Stage: The X1 has amazing treble and mid levels sounds, and the bass is strong once it's been burned in. It's not as powerful as...
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Lush and dreamy experience


Pros: Bass! Airy, wide soundstage, neutral mids, sparkly highs, comfortable

Cons: Some may like more forward mids

I just bought these for £100 secondhand off ebay and I don't think I will get any better for the price, although I have not auditioned the AKG K612.  Bass is punchy, detailed, well textured.  Mids are very smooth, neutral, no spikes whatsoever, highs are sparkly and just right in the mix.  Overall, the detail level is great, clarity is of a high standard as you would expect and the speed response is great.  The soundstage is so airy and wide it really makes for a dreamy wonderful experience and especially with the low to mid bass response which fills the sound in beautifully.  The pads are so lush and comfortable with the velour padding, these feel as good as they...
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Amazingly Natural,Rich And Open Experience That Lack An Equal.


Pros: Open, Rich, Natural, Warm, No Sibilance, Imaging, Balance, Comfort and Price considering :)

Cons: Non replaceable ear-pads :(

Warm, Entertaining And Yet Very Refined And Revealing...   If this is what you looking for, stop reading this review and go out buying one of these!  ( The product was tested at 249,99$ )  Because this is simply one of the most enjoyable headphones beneath the 500$ mark. The Philips Fidelio X1 was released by Philips Home Audio department in 2012 and had since then quite the fanbase and many great reviews.    With the Philips X1s, Philips was trying to bring their first true high-end headphone to the market, for critical home listening. Most of their prior products were based on either fashion designs or "mid-fi" headphones, that were mostly meant for...
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Sound great, look stylish, comfortable, good value


Pros: Euphonic fun headphone that works well for most genres of music and represents very good value for the price

Cons: Earpads not user replaceable, need to swap stock cable

The X1 does many things quite well and blends them together to produce a consistently pleasurable listening experience.   Bass is excellent for an open dynamic headphone, but not excessive, and blends well.   Overall tone is a bit warm, but not overpoweringly so (less so than an HD650). Detail is good (not excellent), but these are not analytical headphones.   Works well across many genres of music, but is weakest at rock - still pretty good but shines on EDM, Jazz, Bluegrass.   Large, plush velour earpads are quite comfortable, Sony MA-900s are the only headphones I have owned that are more comfortable (MA-900s are INSANELY light and comfortable, highly...
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Jack of all trades, master of them as well


Pros: Soundstage, construction, bass, mids, treble, musicality, accuracy

Cons: Non-replaceable pads!

What can I say about this headphone that hasn't been said? I just know that all the stupid things about it - the cable with stupid resistance, the non-replaceable pads, the strange headband, the fact that they probably aren't making it any more - all of those things just fade away when you put them on.   They're accurate. Sure, not totally accurate - not like my K550s or HD598s - but an accurate that adds enough excitement to make good music fun. Isn't that what this is all about? I had Mad Dogs for a while, and have nothing but love and respect for those little monsters, but these have all the good parts of the Mad Dog with almost none of the bad. More soundstage. Airy-er treble....
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Exciting. Fun. Unique.


Pros: Comfortable for big ears. Exciting sound, great soundstage, clean bass. Easy to drive.

Cons: Non-user replaceable pads. Leaky sound for some.

I highly recommend these for anyone that wants bass and soundstage. They deliver both flawlessly.   Yes, there are more accurate headphones, and more thumpy headphones, but this strikes the perfect middle ground.   If any weakness exists, it is in vocal music, the likes of Norah Jones.   The bass is there, never gets in the way.   In short, these are unique. They sound unlike anything I have heard, and do so in a way that sets them apart, on a pedestal no-one else seems to be interested in: Best Listening Cans. They aren't analytical in any way, they are just accurate enough to feel right, but do their thing impressively well.

Great Soundstage and Bass


Pros: Fantastic bass, treble and soundstage. Quite comfortable. Easy to drive.

Cons: Vocals could be more prominent. A bit bulky. Not the lightest headphone.

These headphones are a huge step up from anything I've ever heard before.    The only other well known headphones I've listened to extensively are the Sennheiser HD 202 and the Logitech UE6000.  Compared to these headphones, the sound quality of the X1 is better in every way.    In my opinion the Fidelio X1 has a truly fantastic bass and treble response. The bass impact of these headphones during action sequences in movies really adds a level of immersion I've not experienced before. I'm also hearing a lot of details in music I previously did not know studio recordings picked up. Sometimes it feels like sensory...
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The best headphones I have ever worn


Pros: Soundstage is spectacular, feeling is flawless, audio is awe-inspiring

Cons: I wish the cable was 1/8" to 1/4"

These are literally the best headphones I have ever put on my ears. After a five minute settling period, I can't even feel them on my head. They're very lightweight and both the ear cup and headband padding is absolutely top notch. The tension literally could not be more perfect and the center of mass is tight to my head, keeping them from sliding or shifting when I turn. The Fidelio also sounds amazing, with a depth to the soundstage that feels like I'm being surrounded by the music instead of having it shot at me, and the entire range of sound is extremely well reproduced. The drivers respond very well to equalization: I prefer a very slight "smile" shape to my...
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