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The Philips Fidelio S1 are undoubtedly high quality IEMs

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Philips Fidelio S1

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Tetsuro P12
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Pros: 'Flat EQ', wide soundstage, good isolation, good build quality, hard case, microphone included

Cons: Unforgiving on badly mastered tracks, a bit hard to drive (need good amplification), not really the bassiest set, no volume slider

As for any 'flat EQ' speakers these IEMs lacks a bit of energy and sparkle (not definition, they have plenty of it!), not everything is rendered precisely since they try to do everything (in particular I do not like the rendition of cymbals), so they do not excel in any particular area except for soundstage (I noticed that it's a common problem with IEMs that try to expand the soundstage). Every instrument have it's proper position in the scene, that's a big plus. The bass doesn't mitigate mid frequencies, everything is kept at bay but voices aren't rendered forward so they are not really prominent. They are clearly unforgiving on badly mastered tracks so a few could sound a little bright, without body. They guarantee good isolation, nothing spectacular, and do not suffer from sound leakage; good on microphonics too, the cable is flat so it's not easy to ensnarl.


Of the IEMs that I have heard they are clearly the best (I have heard from Sennheiser to SoundMAGIC, MEElectronics and Apple's ones), far better sounding than any portable headphones out there (tried Beyerdynamics 501 P, AKG 430 and B&W P3) but aren't the easisest to drive, they need good amplification so do not pair them with a bad smartphone.


I will keep them, I'm finally satisfied. :atsmile:


P.S.: They need some hours to 'open up'. Let them play.


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