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Good to see, great to hear

A Review On: Philips Fidelio L1

Philips Fidelio L1

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Pros: Great sound experience; Comfortable and easy to use; Nice and solid finish; Everything seems to be just correct; 3 button usage mounted in the cable;

Cons: Maybe leather is not the best material if you are using this device on your bike, in the pouring rain.; The soft travelbag might not be the best prot

I was given the chance to test the new Philips Fidelio L1 For "The Insiders".
I had been looking for a new headphone set to replace my old In-ears. It needed to comply with a few demands: 1) I do not want to be disturbed by the chatter noise of my colleagues when I'm being all focussed at work and 2) I don't want toe disturb my colleagues with my music when I’m listening to noise they don’t like.
3) I also don’t want to have that fatigue feeling, which one sometimes can have after using those in-ears for a long period. And 4) the headphone set has to fit within my backpack, along with all my other stuff.
The L1 looks great, it really does and has really handy features, like the connector-plug close to the headphone, and a cable with a volume and pause-button. A second cable with a removable big-plug, twistable ear shells for transportation and (also important) a sublime sound. It looks really nice with the black and aluminium parts and the fine Italian leather. The head mount fits really good without a pressing feeling, and is easily to adjust to the correct size without sliding back to the former position. The cushions are made of memory-foam and fit very well around the ears, where they seal off the background noise better then I expected. The connector which is about 10 cm below the left shell is made to release tension on the cable if necessary. Mounted in one of the two included cables is a three-button-usage which supports Apple devices for volume and pause.
After having used the headphones for several full days now, I must say I didn’t feel any discomfort, unless I must admir my ears are getting warmer after a couple of hours. But I like to think that goes for all over-ears headphones. I did not receive any comment from my colleagues about my taste of music and I wasn’t disturbed by background noises. I must admit hearing things in the music of which I didn’t now they were there, it is like experiencing the music again, and that is something I really like, like the music is being surrounded inside my head.
The three button usage in the cable is actually more. It controles the volume. Can make your music pause and continue and can make you skip a track forward.On the backside there is a small pinhole size microphone.
I am originated in the primal years of portable music devices, and I am used to headphones being as small as possible, so for me this is an unusual large format for a set of headphones. However, compared with the headphones available on the market at present day, the Philips Fidelio L1 fits quite perfect.
The L1 is said being perfect for on-the-go as well as good to use at the office or at home. Being on a bike, I think it blocks too much of the traffic noise to navigate safely, but while using transport transportation, I think it is good to use for blocking neighbour noise, where as your neighbour don't need to get bothered by your music.
-         Great sound experience
-         Comfortable and easy to use
-         Nice and solid finish
-         Everything seems to be just correct
-         3 button usage mounted in the cable
-         Very complete set
-         Maybe leather is not the best material if you are using this device on your bike, in the pouring rain.
-         The soft travelbag might not be the best protection
My conclusion: a nice device, with a lot of good properties. For users who, like myself, don’t have an absolute hearing this is a very good headphone.  
And to the customer who has added some comment below: I am not working for Philips, actually I work for the Netherlands Government, making ships navigate safely through our waters, but thans, I see your opinion as a compliment for my skill as a professionel writer. I have writen the review from my user-point-of-view. 

1 Comment:

That one is for sure written by someone from Phillips themselves, for sure. A billion dollar company has enough with 4 writers to work 40 hours a week on creating fake names and e-mail addresses to write fake positive reviews allover the internet. The Phillips L1 is great headphone if you want to go deepsea diving and need to get used to high ear pressure as the phillips as way way too much bass.,
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