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From a basshead's point of view

A Review On: Philips Fidelio L1

Philips Fidelio L1

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Pros: Durable, not too bulky, great all arounder

Cons: Could use a little sparkle in the highs and needs to be amped to shine

I'm gonna write a quick impression since there isn't too many information and/or reviews on this headphone, especially from a basshead.

This is just my opinion and is based on my preference. I'm a basshead but my demand for bass is not what it used to be. Bass is still my top criteria when purchasing headphones followed by curiosity.






To start, these are great looking headphones, they're built really good and it's one of the more durable headphones I've ever had. They are also very comfortable and are not too bulky.


I listen to mostly edm, rap, than indie rock and country. To my ears this headphone works great with all these genre of music. For rap I just turn up the bass on my FiiO E11 to 2 and it gives me enough bass and impact. Bass hits hard when the track calls for it and behaves when it don't. The bass quantity is probably a couple of notches above entry level bass for bassheads. If you're new or is still in the "Beats phase" where you want a huge amount of bass this is not the headphone for you. The bass on this headphone is more for the seasoned basshead who has learned to appreciate good controlled bass while sacrificing a little bit of quantity for quality.


The mids are pretty good for me, vocals are great and forward, but sometime it does get a bit shouty at high volume, but only on some track.


The highs could use some sparkle and this will probably be the reason why some might not like this headphone. I like warm/dark sounding headphones so this don't really bother me.


The only major issues for me would be the non-replaceable ear pads, I would really hate to trash these just because the ear pads are worn. 


This isn't the best sounding headphone I've had or heard but for some reason I can't seem to stop using them. With good imaging and above average soundstage, I use them for everything, gaming, movies, music, portable, etc. This is probably the only headphone I would never sell and would re-buy if it breaks. I bought these on sale for $152 shipped, and at this price it's a steal and is well worth the $249-$299 msrp.












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